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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council on Monday 24 May 2004

Present: Cllrs K Brooks, K Burchell, D Clegg, G Duck, G. Hunt, B Langton, V Pritchard,

S. Ridley, V. Robinson (arr. 7.20), B. Stowers, D. Waters, R. Whiting

& Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllrs Baker & Jones, District Cllr P Fisher & Mr S Tanner of North Somerset Council (NSC).



1.         Election of Chairman of the Parish Council

Cllr Waters proposed that Cllr Duck be re-elected.  Cllr Whiting, on a point of order, suggested that there might be a conflict of interests now that Cllr Duck was chairman of NSC.  The latter said he did not see this and that he would declare an interest where appropriate.  Cllr Waters said that there would be advantages as well as disadvantages in having Cllr Duck as Chairman of both the Parish and NSC.  It was thought that other parishes might not be happy with the situation.
Cllr Hunt, asked if he would stand, said that he was not prepared to do so against Cllr Duck.  However, as there was no seconder for Cllr Duck, Cllr Hunt then agreed to stand.

Cllr Hunt was proposed Cllr Brooks and seconded by Cllr Ridley.

There being no further nominations, Cllr Hunt was elected Chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year.

At this point, Cllr Waters said that he was resigning from the Council and he left the meeting.
The meeting wished it to be recorded that replacing him as chairman did not represent a criticism of Cllr Duck, it merely reflected a concern regarding the conflict of interests with his role as Chairman of NSC.  A formal vote of thanks to Cllr Duck for all his hard work was recorded.



2.         Election of Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council

Cllr Langton was proposed by Cllr Stowers and seconded by Cllr Whiting.

There being no further nominations, Cllr Langton was elected Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year.



3.         Election of Committees of the Parish Council

Committees were elected as follows:
Playing Fields:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllrs Baker, Duck, Ridley and Stowers.
Open Spaces & Amenities:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Burchell, Clegg, Jones, Pritchard, Ridley, Robinson and Stowers.
Finance & General Purposes:  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Cllrs Brooks, Burchell, Pritchard, Robinson and Whiting.
Planning:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllrs Brooks, Burchell, Clegg, Duck, Robinson and Whiting.




4.         Election of Representatives to Outside Bodies

ALCA Cllr Jones
Youth Club Position left open for present
Community Centre Management Cllrs Jones & Duck
Allotments Committee Chairman & Vice-Chairman
Docks Liaison Committee Cllrs Clegg, Robinson & Whiting
Pill Community Foundation Cllrs Duck & Ridley
Gordano Councils Transport Group Cllrs Clegg, Ridley & Robinson
Parish Plan Steering Group Cllrs Ridley, Robinson & Whiting



5.         Public Participation




6.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 26 April 2004

The minutes were confirmed and signed.
6.1 Trees at Playing Field:  Cllr Robinson suggested that more trees should be planted to replace those that had blown down.  Agreed that this would be discussed at the next Committee meeting.   Agenda 14/6



7.         Crime & Disorder
Cllr Whiting complained at the haphazard parking by parents collecting their children from the primary school.  It was agreed that the police should be asked to attend the next meeting so that this and other issues could be raised with them.   Action PSS



8.         Committee Reports

8.1       Playing Fields
Mowing:  The Clerk would speak to Serviceteam asking them to corner more slowly with the mowers because they are damaging the grass.   Action PSS


8.2       Open Spaces & Amenities
8.2.1 Potholes:  Any bad potholes should be reported to the Clerk, who would contact NSC to have them repaired.  Mention would be made in the Pill Paper.   Action PSS

General Purpose Gang:  The next visit is due in June.  Anyone having any tasks for the gang should notify the Clerk as soon as possible.

8.2.3 Village/Street Cleaning:  The Clerk had spoken to the Village Orderly about extra street cleaning duties.  She was willing to undertake these and an indication of costs was given. The matter would now be discussed at the next Finance & General Purposes Committee for a recommendation to be made.   Agenda 14/6
8.2.4 Public Footpaths & Rights of Way:  Minutes of a meeting on 6 May had been distributed.  These would be discussed at the next Committee meeting.   Agenda 14/6


8.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee
8.3.1 Community Centre – Asbestos regulations:  There was nothing further to report and the matter would be put on the next Committee agenda.   Agenda 14/6




8.4       Planning Committee
8.4.1 Replacement Local Plan:  Cllr Robinson reported on his latest meetings with Colin Jones and Portbury PC.  It was proposed from the chair and agreed to authorise Cllr Robinson to respond on the Council’s behalf.   Action VR



9.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies

9.1 Resource Centre:  Cllr Ridley reported that planning permission had been given for the Centre to move into the premises at 1 & 2 Bank Place.
9.2 Skateboard Park:  Cllr Ridley had details of a mobile park which could be set up in a car park and was free.  It would be manned by the police.  She recommended that ham Green car park would be the most suitable.  Cllr Duck pointed out that NSC Parks Department would have to be notified.
9.3 Gordano Councils Transport Group:  Cllr Robinson reported that, while the Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study is taking place, nothing further can happen on the railway issue.  There will be a meeting about the study on either 15 or 22 July at 3pm in Portishead (Probably 22 July as the NSC North Area Committee will be on 15 July).
9.4 Parish Plan:  Cllr Whiting reported that the Steering Group met in April.  They had, so far, been unable to identify any alternative sources of funding, but were now looking to apply to commercial organisations.  They would also be seeking funds from the Parish Council (PC).  Proposed by Cllr Robinson and seconded by Cllr Langton, it was agreed in principle to give financial support.

Cllr Langton mentioned the now defunct Pill & District Action Group which he believed still had funds at its disposal.  Perhaps these could be tapped.



10.       Correspondence
            A summary of correspondence had been circulated.
10.1 NSCs Draft Waste Strategy Consultation:  It was agreed not to offer to host a meeting on this, but it was noted that we would be kept informed of developments.

Bus Bays in Heywood Road:  NSC had written to say that they would not agree to progress a scheme to shorten the bays.  They might, however, allocate resources to carry out the work if the PC were prepared to commit the funding.  The Clerk would write to First Badgerline for their views and to ask what is the minimum length required for a bay.   Action PSS


Forest of Avon:  A letter had been received asking for help in completing the annual DEFRA monitoring report.  It was agreed that Cllr Robinson would ask Mr Brian Heaton if he was prepared to complete this on behalf of the PC.   Action VR


Housing Stock Transfer:  It was noted that a briefing note had been received from NSC regarding the possible transfer of ownership and management of housing stock to a housing association.



11.       Approval of the Annual Accounts

It was proposed by Cllr Pritchard, seconded by Cllr Duck and agreed that the accounts for the year to 31 March 2004 be approved.  The accounts were duly signed by the Chairman and the Clerk (Responsible Financial Officer).

It was resolved to appoint Mrs Pauline Bigwood again as the Internal Auditor.




12.       Accounts for Payment
            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:


Payee Details                £
SITA UK Ltd Dog bin emptying – March           109.39
SEC Ltd Street light repair – Lime Tree Grove           377.25
BT Number change message             35.25
BT Telephone account             55.75

Serviceteam Ltd

Grass cutting


J Hunt Salary           416.09
PC Strother Smith Salary           701.50

Post Office Ltd

Tax & NI


Cash Petty cash             20.00
Trident Office Products Stationery             23.38



13.       Any Other Urgent Business

13.1 Sid’s Bus:  Cllr Robinson said that this service, which runs between Portishead, Portbury and Nailsea, was being severely reduced.  It was agreed not to try to intervene as the service did not affect the Parish.
13.2 Pill in Bloom – status:  It was agreed that this would be discussed under Open Spaces at the next Committee meeting.   Agenda 14/6



8.         Pill Paper
The following items would be submitted:
  • Reporting of potholes
  • Cllr Duck – thank you for services/hard work & congratulations on appointment as Chairman of NSC
  • The new crossing at Lodway



9.         Expenditure by Committees to date

Expenditure to date Budgeted
                £        £

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)



Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)              2,076   26,645
Planning                 NIL     8,000

Playing Fields



Open Spaces & Amenities              1,069   19,000
Public Footpaths & Rights of Way                 NIL        650
Community Centre Redevelopment                 NIL   10,000
Contingency Fund                 NIL     1,000







Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting on Monday 24 May 2004


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Brooks, Burchell, Clegg, Duck, Robinson & Whiting,

Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk)

Apologies: None



1. Election of Chairman of the Committee
Cllr Robinson was elected Chairman of the Committee for the forthcoming year.



2. The following applications have been approved:
04/P/0708/F Celsius First Ltd,

Garonor Way, Portbury

Erection of engineering storage & workshop building.
04/P/0770/F 1 & 2, Bank Place, Pill Change of use from retail to community information, advice & support centre.



3. New Application – there was no objection to the following:
04/P/1144/F 23 St Georges Hill, EIG Erection of front porch.
04/P/1242/F 38 Church Road, EIG Erection of single storey rear extension & front porch.
04/P/1205/TPO Ham Green House,

Chapel Pill Lane, Pill

Lucombe Oak x 1 – fell



4. Amendment – there was no objection to the following:
04/P/0392/F Land at Court House Farm,

Marsh Lane, EIG

Erection of mast, antennae, dishes, etc
Alteration to the orientation of the compound to ensure the easements for underground services remain clear.



5. The following application has been withdrawn:
04/P/0511/F Rudgleigh Inn

Martcombe Road, EIG

Demolition of toilets & erection of single storey & two storey rear extension & front entrance portch.