Monthly Archives: December 2002

Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 11 August 2003

Playing Fields Management Committee


Present:     Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Baker, Ridley, Stowers.  Mr K. Sharpe (Senior Football Club), Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


1.      Charges for next Season:  Mr Sharpe reported that the Senior Football Club was not happy with the proposed increase in charges, particularly as they frequently had to mark the pitch.  It was agreed that the original proposal should stand and be recommended to the Council for approval.  The Junior Football Club would be reminded that marking of the pitches by them was part of the favourable charges deal.  Action PSS


2.      Goal Posts:  The quote for new goal posts, submitted by Mr Sayer at the previous meeting, was discussed and would be recommended to the Council for approval.



Open Spaces & Amenities Committee

Present:     Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Baker, Jones, Ridley, Stowers.  Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


1.      It was reported that a petition has been started and placed in the Resource Centre to have public lavatories reinstalled in the village.


2.      Cllr Jones reported that the Disability Discrimination Act would become effective in 2004, but that there was nothing for us to be concerned with at present.


3.      It was reported that a tree has been uprooted on Victoria Park following the Pill Regatta.


4.      It was agreed that a blue bin should be installed at Hardwick Road and that a decision on having an additional one in the precinct would postponed until the next meeting.  Action PSS



Finance & General Purposes Committee


Present:     Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Brooks, Langton, Pritchard, Waters, Whiting.  Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


1.      Logo:  Cllr Pritchard proposed that the Council should have a logo.  This was considered a good idea and St Katherine’s School and the Youth Club would be approached so that a competition could be held, with a prize going to the winning design.


2.      E-mail Communications:  Cllr Pritchard suggested that all Councillors who have them should be encouraged to provide e-mail addresses, so that communications, including agendas/minutes, could be sent via this medium.


3.      Website:  Cllr Pritchard said that our website needed to be properly managed, with information appearing such as details of Councillors and how to contact them, notices of meetings and minutes.  Other information, such as businesses in the Parish, should be managed by someone else as a separate site with a link established between the two.  Only the Clerk and, say, two Councillors would have access to make amendments to our site.


4.      Financial contribution to the Youth Club:  It was agreed that, as last year, we would recommend a contribution amounting to 40% of NSC’s contribution.  This would be progressed once we knew what NSC was paying.



Planning Committee


Present:     Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Brooks, Langton, Pritchard, Robinson, Whiting.  Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


1.         The following planning applications have been approved:

        03/P/1390/F         26 Priory Road, Easton-in-Gordano

        03/P/1259/F         9 Cross Lanes, Pill


2.     New Planning applications

i)      03/P/1794/O        The Kenneth Stenner Hall                  Demolition of existing building

                                    The Poplars, Pill                                & erection of pair of semis & a


The Committee considered that two rather than 3 properties on this difficult and restricted site would be preferable.  Action PSS


ii)     03/P/1872/F         Land adjoining Rudgleigh                   Change of use of agricultural land

                                    House, Pill                                         into domestic gardens.

The Committee wished to recommend refusal of this application, because it would set a precedent.  Action PSS


iii)    03/P/1873/F         63 Westward Drive, Pill                     Front porch & single storey rear


No objection.

iv)    03/P/1901/F         The Coach House,                             First floor side extension.

                                    Martcombe Road, E-in-G

No objection.


v)     03/P/1935/F         25 Westward Drive, Pill                     Single storey side extension.

No objection.


3.     Bus Shelter outside Elizabeth House

Because of the new development here, NSC had written to say it wished to replace and reposition this bus shelter at their expense.  The Committee had no objection to this proposal.  We have been asked to nominate our preferred supplier for the new bus shelter, which, it was considered, should include seating.  Action GJ/PSS