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Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 13 September 2004

Playing Fields Management Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Duck & Ridley, Mr J Norval (Junior Football Club)

& Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Cllr Stowers


1. Tree Surgeon’s report:  The Clerk was asked to obtain an alternative quote from another qualified tree surgeon.   Action PSS
2. Invoices had been received for new corner flags and for line paint and these would be settled.  Action PSS
3. Watch House Field:  Cllr Hunt had spoken to Tony Moore, the responsible officer at North Somerset Council (NSC), who had since spoken to Steve Sayer of the football club and e-mailed a report to the Clerk.  It had been suggested that a practice match should be played on the new pitch to test it out.  Cllr Duck pointed out that Tony Moore was responsible for the ongoing failure to bring the area up to the required standard.  The Clerk would write to Tony Moore saying that, if the practice match did go ahead, it should only be regarded as a guide and responsibility for seeing that Redrow fulfilled its obligations still rested with NSC.   Action PSS

Brian Heaton had said that he would be pleased to be involved in future discussions on the ecology of the area.  Avon Wildlife Trust might also be contacted for help.



Open Spaces & Amenities Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Jones, Ridley & Robinson & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllrs Clegg, Pritchard & Stowers.


1. Hardwick Road Play Area:  It was reported that vandalism had resulted in much of the play equipment and surrounds being daubed with paint over the weekend of 4/5 September.  Cllr Duck had organised police attendance at the scene and for SITA to undertake some cleaning.  This had been quite successful but more was needed. Wickstead would be asked to quote for new swing seats and Dave Searle would be asked to repaint the metal bench.  Cllr Ridley had some graffiti remover which would also be tried.   Action PSS


2. Dog & Litter Bins:  It was recommended that new dog bins should be installed at Church Road by the gate to the churchyard and at the Westward Drive end of the Water Lane footpath.  NSC would be asked to install a litter bin at the other end of this path as part of the new development.   Action PSS


3. Cherry Trees:  NSC would be removing the dead tree at the bottom of New Road.  It was suggested that this small area next to the Resource Centre’s future base might be taken over by the Parish Council.
Agenda 11/10




Finance & General Purposes Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Jones, Robinson & Whiting, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr Pritchard.


1. Pill Rag Committee:  More details were required before considering a request for a donation.   Action PSS


2. Community Centre:  A quote for an asbestos survey had been received from G&L Consultancy via Cllr Brooks.  The Clerk would ask Cllr Brooks to clarify how he considers matters should be progressed.  Cllr Duck would seek further information from NSC.

A letter had been received from the Youth Club asking the Parish Council’s intentions with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act, which becomes effective from 1 October.  It was agreed that urgent clarification was need from the management committee so that it could be decided how to proceed on this.  The Clerk would respond to Paul Punter of the Youth Club and write again to Alan Smith.   Action PSS

3. Bus Shelters:  A letter had been received from NSC Highways following a site meeting with Cllr Duck.  This referred to shelters at Priory Road (approx opposite Court Hay), Priory Road (on verge at Junction with Gordano Gardens) and Lodway (at junction with Newsome Asvenue).  Cllr Jones agreed to consult brochures and would produce suggestions with prices at the next committee meeting.   Action GJ & agenda 11/10
4. Site Meetings:  Cllrs Hunt, Ridley, Robinson and Whiting and the Clerk had attended a meeting with Mark Sellick of NSC Highways on 9 September to discuss:

Macrae Road:  The possibility of a further pinch point or a raised section at the far end were considered.

Heywood Road:  Various options to improve pedestrian safety were discussed, including a crossing, enlarging the piers, installing a raised &/or coloured section in the road, erecting warning signs.  It was feared that a formal crossing might eliminate all parking along that bit of the road; NSC would check what is the minimum required length for zigzags.

Re new crossing on Lodway:  Because of the realignment of the road and for safety reasons, it was considered that measures should be taken to prevent parking between Costcutters and the garage and in front of the garage.

Mr Sellick would be reporting back via the Clerk with details and costings for consideration.

5. Parish Plan:  Cllr Whiting reported that the Countryside Agency had been in contact indicating that a grant of £4389 would be awarded.  A formal offer would soon be forwarded via the Clerk.



Planning Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Duck, Robinson & Whiting, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr Clegg.


1. Draft Local Plan  
  Cllr Robinson reported that, with Colin Jones and Portbury Parish Council, they had produced a list of 21 objections to the draft plan.  Cllr Hunt had been sent full details on behalf of both Councils.




2. The following applications have been approved:
  04/P/1649/F 4 The Lovells, EIG Erection of a single storey front & side extension.
  04/P/1650/F 7 Avon Road, Pill Two storey/part single storey rear extension & single storey front extension.
  04/P/1313/F The Rudgleigh Inn, EIG Erection of extensions to provide new toilets, fridge/freezer rooms & front portch.
  04/P/1862/F 91 Westward Drive, Pill Erection of a single storey side extension.


3. The following applications have been refused:
  04/P/1603/F The Groves,

Cross Lanes, EIG

Erection of a two storey side & rear extension and of a first floor side extension & detached double garage.
  04/P/1848/F 14 Priory Gardens, EIG Change of use from agricultural to domestic garden (Retrospective).
  04/P/1781/F Amcar Ambulance Service,

Gordano Service Area

Erection of 2 portakabins for treatment room, etc.


4. New Applications – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/2074/F 8 Rectory Road, EIG Erection of second floor extension to include raising of the roof & alteration of ridge line.
  04/P/2267/F Heywood Surgery, Pill Creation of new access onto Hardwick Road & provision of car parking, erection of new boundary fence & gates.
  04/P/2293/F Hillside, Crusty Lane, Pill Erection of detached garage & conversion of existing attached garage to living accommodation.


5. New Application:  
  04/P/2069/F 1 Rudgleigh Road, Pill Erection of two bedroom dwelling house.  
  It was considered that this application represented overdevelopment of the site.

Cllr Langton had declared an interest as a near neighbour.


6. New Application – for information only:
  04/P/2115/PDA 2 Haberfield Cottages,

Happerton Lane, EIG

Erection of machinery & hay store.


7. Bristol & Cardiff Airports – Airspace review  
  There was no objection to joint proposals received from the two airports.


8. A369 Speed Limit review  
  Cllrs Hunt and Robinson had attended a further meeting, when it was decided by NSC not to extend the 50pmh limit down to the M5 junction 19 roundabout.