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Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 11 August 2003

Present:         Cllrs G. Duck (Chairman), G. Hunt (Vice-Chairman), S. Baker, K. Brooks,

                     G. Jones, B. Langton, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V.Robinson, B. Stowers,

                     D. Waters, R. Whiting.  Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


1.         Public Participation


1.1   It was reported that the proposal to site antennae near Overhill Farm will be refused, but that it is believed that NSC has identified an alternative site in the area of the sub-station near the Rudgleigh Arms.


2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 28 July 2003


The minutes were confirmed and signed.


2.1   The site meeting regarding the proposed Old Slaughterhouse development has been rearranged for 18 August at 2pm.


2.2   Work has started on repairing the pavement at 2 Sambourne Lane.



3.         Crime & Disorder


3.1   Cllr Ridley handed the Clerk a copy of a letter from the Pill & District Community Partnership stating its plan to be reconstituted as the Pill Local Action Team.  Specific mention is made of the need to support any Community Speedwatch project.



4.         Committee Reports


4.1   Playing Fields


4.1.1    The Council supported the recommendation to increase charges for the Senior Football Team to £28 with effect from the beginning of the coming season.  The Junior Club would be reminded of its responsibility for marking the pitches.  Cllr Jones abstained, declaring her interest.  Action PSS


4.1.2    The Council approved the expenditure on new goal posts.  Action GD/PSS to inform Steve Sayer.



4.2   Planning Committee


4.2.1    It was agreed that an article would be placed in the Pill Paper regarding the need for planning permission when converting part of a field into a garden.  Action GH



5.     Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies


5.1   Shipway Farm Enquiry

Cllr Robinson gave a summary of the recent meeting of the enquiry.  The inspector’s report was expected to go forward to the Secretary of State in about 6 weeks.  A decision was then expected fairly quickly.


5.2   Gordano Councils Transport Group

A meeting regarding passenger rail service will take place on 15 or 17 August.



6.     Correspondence


A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting.

6.1   Video and other details re Community Speedwatch passed to Cllr Ridley to study and pass on to other Councillors.  Action SR

6.2   Re letter from NSC, our two Council vacancies will be advertised in the Pill Paper.  Action GH

6.3   Draft document re West of England Strategic Partnership’s Rural Strategy Framework passed to Cllr Robinson.



7.         Skateboard Park


        Cllr Ridley reported her understanding that drawings for the planning application are more or less finalised.



8.     Accounts for Payment


The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques ordered to be drawn:


        Payee                                     Details                                                                     £

        BT                                          Telephone account                                                56.04

        BT                                          New number message for 3 months                       29.37

        J Hunt                                     August salary                                                      396.21

        PC Strother Smith                   August salary                                                      681.31

        Post Office Ltd                       August tax & NI                                                 350.85

        Cash                                       Petty cash                                                             20.00

        Portbury Parish Council           Half share fees re Shipway Farm                      3,080.00



9.         Any Other Urgent Business


9.1   The alteration to the hatching on the A369 was expected to be done in about a week.


9.2   The footpath between Hardwick Road and Oak Grove is getting overgrown.  Action PSS


9.3   Cllr Waters reported that Watch House Hill is getting overgrown and there are not enough waste and dog bins.  Action DW/PSS to view


9.4   Cllr Waters reported that the fire door for the Youth Club was still to be installed.  Cllr Duck said that we had twice been let down on this.  Action DW



10.   Pill Paper


The following items are to be submitted:

The need for planning permission when converting fields to gardens

The two Council vacancies

Latest news on Rectory Road



11.     Extenditure by Committees to date


                                                                              Expenditure to date            Budgeted


Playing Fields                                                                     1,593                             5,975

Open Spaces & Amenities                                                24,411                           17,850

Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)                         15,104                           18,900

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)                  24,825                           42,212

Planning                                                                                 513                           10,000

Footpaths                                                                             NIL                                200

Community Centre Redevelopment                                     3,818                           10,000

Contingency Fund                                                                 NIL                             1,038