Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 10 November 2003

By   April 5, 2005

Playing Fields Management Committee


Present: Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Ridley, Stowers, Mr J. Norval (Junior Football Club), Mr A. Otley (Senior Football Club), Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: None.


1. Goal Posts:  The lockable brackets have still not been installed.  Cllr Baker was supposed to be arranging for Danny Davis to do this.  Action JN
2. The Pavilion Boiler was not working over the weekend.  Action BS
3. A metal post was protruding through the surface of the pitch.  This has been cut back but needs to be monitored.
4. Keys:  Mr Norval will have more keys cut for the pavilion and claim costs from the Council.



Open Spaces & Amenities Committee


Present: Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Clegg, Jones, Ridley, Stowers, Waters, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: None.


1. Dog Bins: The new bin at Watch House Hill has not been emptied.  The Clerk will remind SITA.  Action PSS.  Cllr Hunt said he had received a request for a dog bin in Pump Square by the Duke of Cornwall.  As this area belongs to North Somerset Council (NSC), we should ask them to supply it.  Action PSS
2. The pavement outside the Kings Head is breaking up.  Action PSS
3. Watch House Hill:  Cllr Duck reported that trees had been damaged by the viewing point and paint had been sprayed on the art feature.  He was negotiating for these to be dealt with.  Action GD

The Clerk had received a response from the NSC Chief Executive to his letter about the outstanding problems with the area.  Redrow had been written to again.  Cllr Waters was asked to prepare a tick sheet of issues that remain to be resolved.  Action DW

4. Brookside Playing Field:  Cllr Hunt reported that the school will be putting a lock on the gate by the field.  The rine is full of rubbish and this has damaged the metal grill. This is being dealt with between the school and NSC.
5. Play Area:  A response was awaited from Wicksteed regarding issues raised in the annual inspection report.  The Clerk would obtain two quotes for tarmac at the entrance. Action PSS



Finance & General Purposes Committee


Present: Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Brooks, Burchell, Jones, Pritchard, Waters, Whiting,

Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).

Apologies: None.


1. Parish Plans:  Cllr Hunt reported that there would be a meeting of the working party on 11 November.  So far, there had been 4 volunteers from the public.  The Youth Forum would be asked if they wished to nominate a representative and further volunteers would be sought through the Pill Paper.  The Council would then need to decide whether to proceed with the plans.  Action GH.  The Clerk was asked to obtain more copies of “Parish Plans” from the Countryside Agency.  Action PSS

It was noted that additional pavements, railings along high pavements (both mentioned below) and double yellow lines by the railway bridge would be suitable items for Parish Plans to consider.

2. Avon Wildlife Trust:  It was recommended that we should renew our membership at £35.
3. Royal British Legion:  It was recommended that our payment for the wreaths should be rounded up to £40 by way of a donation.
4. Budgets for 2004/05:  The Clerk distributed a financial statement for the six months to 30 September 2003.  Cllr Whiting reminded the meeting that he required budget figures for the following year as the precept had to be decided on at the January Council meeting.  Action Committee Chairmen

Items suggested for expenditure next year were additional pavements (e.g outside the brewery), railings along high pavements and further street light improvements.  PSS action – Agenda items for 24.11.03 & check street lighting improvements for this year are complete

5. Clerk:  Cllr Whiting had finalised the contract for the Clerk and recommended that it should be signed.  He also reminded the meeting that the Clerk’s probationary period would be completed at the end of the month and that his salary needed to be reviewed. It was agreed that the Clerk’s position should be confirmed and that the salary should be discussed in his absence.  All these items will be placed on the agenda for the Council meeting on 24 November.  Action RW/PSS



Planning Committee


Present: Cllrs Duck, Hunt, Brooks, Burchell, Clegg, Langton, Pritchard, Robinson,

Whiting, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).

Apologies: None


1. The following applications have been approved:
  03/P/2371/F 3 Bull Lane, Pill Rebuild of extension.  
  03/P/2291/F 3 New Road, Pill Change of use.  
  03/P/2539/TPO 1 Station Road, Pill Oak pollard  
  03/P/2201/F 18-20 Station Road, Pill Change of use.  




2. New Applications – there was no objection to the following:
  03/P/2725/LDP 8 Rectory Road, EIG Cert. of Lawfulness – Dormer
  03/P/2736/F 4 St Georges Hill, EIG Extension at rear & to conservatory.
  03/P/2772/F Markham House,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Triple garage.


3. Skateboard Park:  Cllr Ridley reported that difficulties had arisen in discussions over this at NSC and a decision has been delayed until later in November.  It would appear that someone has made comparisons with the park at Oxford without appreciating important differences in materials used, which will reduce noise.

Problems over drainage have now been rectified in discussions with Wessex Water.