Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 12 July 2004

By   July 4, 2001

Playing Fields Management Committee



Cllrs Hunt, Ridley & Stowers, Mr S. Sayer (Junior Football Club), Mr K. Sharp

(Senior Football Club) & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Cllrs Langton & Duck.



New Pitches:  Mr Sayer mentioned the petition being organised for submission to Redrow regarding the continuing failure to complete the new pitches.  It was suggested that a copy should be sent to North Somerset Council (NSC).

The Clerk was asked to write to Liam Fox, with copies to Redrow and the NSC Chief Executive.   Action PSS


Charges for 2004/05:  It was confirmed that the Junior Football Club had a responsibility to mark the pitch and generally maintain the ground and the changing rooms.  Mr Sharp said that the Senior Club were not happy with the increase for next season from £28 to £32.


Trees at the Playing Field:  A report by Matthew Bryant Tree Surgery & Consultancy had just been received and a copy was passed to Cllr Stowers.   Agenda 9/8


Weed killing:  A quote had been received from Serviceteam; the one from Mr Bell was awaited.   Agenda 9/8


Corner Flags:  Mr Sayer would be obtaining quotes for new flags.   Action SS



Open Spaces & Amenities Committee


Cllrs Hunt, Burchell, Clegg, Jones, Pritchard, Ridley, Robinson & Stowers,

Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Cllrs Langton.



Bus Shelter at the end of Newsome Avenue:  The Clerk would ask Cllr Duck what happened with regard to plans for this shelter from some 2 to 3 years ago.   Action PSS/GD



Public Footpaths & Rights of Way:  Cllr Clegg was asked to produce a written report on his attendance at a Local Access Forum meeting, which would be circulated before the next meeting.   Action DC



Finance & General Purposes Committee



Cllrs Hunt, Burchell, Jones, Pritchard & Robinson, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Cllrs Langton & Whiting.



Subscriptions:  The Clerk reported that annual subscriptions were paid to ALCA, Community Action, Avon Wildlife Trust, Local Council Review and Clerks & Councils Direct.



Photocopying:  The Clerk gave details showing a substantial reduction in photocopying charges since the adoption of e-mail communication for minutes and agendas.  The Clerk will prepare a note detailing what can be claimed by Councillors for expenses.   Action PSS



Pavement – Gordano Services to A369 Bus Stop:  Cllr Hunt reported that Portbury PC, which had originally raised this issue, would continue to pursue the matter and keep this Council informed.



Grant application for St George’s Churchyard:  An application had been received to increase the grant this year to £2000.  This amount coincided with the budgeted figure. Proposed by Cllr Hunt and seconded by Cllr Jones, this will be recommended to full Council.   Agenda 26/7



Community Centre:  Alan Smith had not yet replied to the Clerk with regard to future plans for the Centre and a reminder will be sent.   Action PSS

A quote had been received from Cllr Brooks’ contact for an asbestos survey.  Alternative quotes were required for comparison, so Cllr Clegg would speak to a contact and the Clerk would make enquiries through NSC.   Action DC & PSS



Avon Wildlife Trust – Priors Wood:  It was recommended that the PC should revive its pledge to give £250 towards the purchase of Priors Wood as a nature reserve.   Agenda 9/8



Planning Committee



Cllrs Hunt, Burchell, Clegg & Robinson, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Cllrs Langton, Duck & Whiting.




The following applications have been approved:


38 Church Road, EIG

Erection of a single storey rear extension & front porch.


62 Ham Green, Pill

Erection of a single storey side extension. Alterations to roof to include extension to dormer & a balcony. Replacement of



46 Church Road, EIG



23 St Georges Hill, EIG

Erection of front porch.


1&2 Baltic Place, Pill

Erection of single storey extensions to front & rear of supermarket.


Lucombe Oak x 1





New Applications – there was no objection to the following:


8 The Moorings, Pill

Erection of a single storey rear extension & alterations to the roof.


4 The Lovells, EIG

Erection of a single storey front & side extension.


7 Avon Road, Pill

Two storey/part single storey rear extension & single storey front extension (revised application).



New Applications – there was no objection to the following (continued):


30 Fitzharding Road

Ham Green




New Applications:



The Groves, Cross Lanes,


Erection of two storey side & rear extension.  Erection of first floor side extension & detached double garage.

It was considered that this application, relating to a house and garden within the green belt and alongside a public footpath, was excessive.



1 Maggies Cottages,

Cross Lanes, EIG

Erection of ground floor rear extension.

This application was discussed at the meeting on 28 June.  There was still no objection to the proposal, but so long as it does not prejudice the dispute about the intrusion of the rear gardens of Maggies Cottages into the green belt.



Applehayes, Rectory Road


Submission relating to siting and means of access pursuant to outline planning permission for the erection of 3 dwellings

This application was discussed at the meeting on 28 June but was reconsidered in the light of known objections from neighbouring properties.  Concern was expressed at the implied destruction of boundary hedging and mature planting.  NSC would be asked to give careful consideration to landscaping issues and the impact on adjoining properties.

Public Footpath & Rights of Way Committee


Time & Date of Meeting -@ 7.30 pm on 15th July 04 @ 45a Ham Green


Present Derek Waters (Chair), Ann Brain, Alan Quirk, Chris Sweeting & Nigel Price


Apologies Nil


Item 1

Chris surveyed path 8/21, as requested, and confirmed the path is still discernable, but there are no finger posts and or stiles, the value of this particular path was discussed, but no decision was reached, it was however agreed that Chris would raise the matter with the landowner.

Item 2

The ongoing obstruction to path was discussed and it was agreed that D.R.W. would write a letter to N.S.C.C to express our concerns on this issue.

Item 3

 D.R.W.was requested to attempt to obtain a copy of the Countryside Agency Right to roam details relevant to our local area.

Item 4

It was agreed to assemble as a working party for some footpath clearance @ Gordano services& if time allows some work on LA8/32


The next meeting was agreed for 7.30pm on Thursday 30th Sept.04