Minutes of the Council meeting & Committee meetings on Monday 16 August 2004

By   August 23, 2012
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt (Chairman), B. Langton, S Baker, K. Brooks, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, G. Jones, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V. Robinson, R. Whiting &

Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllr B Stowers.



1.         Public Participation




2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 26 July 2004

  The minutes were confirmed and signed.



3.         Crime & Disorder
  Nothing to report.  PC Bartlett would be invited to attend the next meeting on 27 September.



4.         Clerk’s Report

4.1. Wyndham Crescent:  The overhanging fence and vegetation had been dealt with by North Somerset Council (NSC).
4.2 Street lights:  There was a loop of 5 lights in the Stoneyfields/Breaches area which were permanently on; these were being attended to by SEC and Western Power.



5.         Maintenance & Highway Issues

The following issues were reported:  
5.1 Water Lane footpath:  This had now been reopened, but overhanging vegetation needed to be cut back   Action PSS
5.2 Play Area:  Cllr Jones reported that bolts had been removed from part of the fence (now repaired), a pole ripped off the house/slide and paint daubed on one of the seats.  There were also some bolts missing from the equipment.     Action PSS
5.3 Site meeting:  Cllrs Hunt, Ridley, Robinson and Whiting would attend a site meeting with Mark Sellick of NSC regarding Macrae Road, Heywood Road and the Lodway crossing (see para. 7.3.2).  It was proposed that this would be on 9 September at 10.30am, meeting at Macrae Road.  Cllr Hunt would invite Cllr Duck to attend.   Action PSS/GH
5.4 Marsh Lane:  NSC would be approached again regarding possible speed restrictions on Marsh Lane.   Action PSS
5.5 Other maintenance issues for attention:  Blocked drains in Priory Road, tree pruning at Hardwick Road playing fields, wall cracked at St George’s Hill/Agresso, repainting central white line outside Kings Head pub (all NSC) and steps missing in flood barrier by Marine Parade (Environment Agency).   Action PSS



6.         News from North Somerset Council
  Nothing to report.



7.         Committees

7.1       Playing Fields
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, S Baker, S. Ridley & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr B Stowers.


7.1.1 Weed killing:  Keith Bell had quoted £90 + VAT and Serviceteam £120 + VAT for this job.  It was recommended – and agreed by full Council – that Keith Bell’s quote should be accepted.   Action PSS
7.1.2 Tree Surgeon’s report:  As Cllr Stowers was away, this item was postponed until the next meeting.   Agenda 13/9



7.2       Open Spaces & Amenities
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, S. Baker, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, G. Jones, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V. Robinson & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr B Stowers.


7.2.1 Ham Green/Watch House Hill:  It was understood that NSC would be meeting at officer level to discuss how to complete outstanding matters.  It was suggested that Councillors needed some expert guidance on the issue and that Brian Heaton’s help might be sought.



7.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, K Brooks, K. Burchell, G. Jones, V. Pritchard,

V. Robinson, R. Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).



7.3.1 Street lighting in The Moorings:  A resident had complained about the siting of a new column outside her house.  SEC had written a detailed letter explaining that light spillage would not cause her a problem.  It was agreed to proceed as planned and to copy the SEC letter to the resident.   Action PSS
7.3.2 Lodway crossing:  A letter had been received from the Pill Local Action Team proposing that the parking bay on the road between the shop and the garage should be removed in view of the new crossing and pavement.  It was recommended – and agreed by full Council – that this should be added to the site meeting with Mark Sellick (see para. 5.3)
7.3.3 Community Centre:  Cllr Brooks would obtain quotations for asbestos surveys from two contacts given by Cllr Clegg.   Action KB
7.3.4 Village Orderly – Cover for holidays:  For discussion at a future committee meeting.  Action PSS



7.4       Planning Committee
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, K Brooks, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, V. Robinson,

R. Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).



7.4.1 NSC Housing Strategy survey:  Cllr Robinson had responded on behalf of the Council.
7.4.2 Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study:  The Gordano Councils Transport Group will be responding to the Atkins study team consultation on behalf of the represented Councils.
7.4.3 Maggies Cottages:  The issue of the gardens encroaching on green belt is being pursued by NSC.




7.4.4 The following applications have been approved:
  04/P/1462/RM Applehayes, Rectory Road,


Submission of reserved matters for siting & means of access pursuant to outline planning approval for the erection of 3 dwellings.
  04/P/1561/F 8 The Moorings, Pill Single storey rear extension & alterations to the roof.
  04/P/1666/F 30 Fitzharding Road,

Ham Green



7.4.5 New Application – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/1977/F 8A Rectory Road, EIG Erection of 2m. high boundary wall & 0.9m. high timber fence to front.


7.4.6 Pre Decision Amendment – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/1649/F 4 The Lovells, EIG Materials to be rendered & not brickwork as originally proposed.


7.4.7 Appeal


Rudgleigh Inn,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Clear overgrowth & dead trees & construct overspill car parking area. Erection of 3 floodlights to car park. (Retrospective)
  Councillors had objected to the application in May on the basis that existing car parking was sufficient for the size of pub, it would be encroaching on green belt land and the flood lights were out of keeping with the area.  They wished these objections to be reiterated at the appeal.   Action PSS



8.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies

8.1 Pill Community Foundation:  Flying Giraffe, a management consultant company for the dispensing of charity funding, had given a presentation on 28 July to trustees and active community groups which might be in need of funding support.  The event was considered to have been a considerable success.
8.2 Nailsea & District Community Transport:  This scheme had now been extended to cover the Gordano Valley area.  The contact number is 01275 855552.



9.         Draft Waste Strategy Consultation
  It was noted that there were no plans for dealing with the recycling of plastic.  There were very mixed views about the imposition of wheelie bins and NSC had agreed to be flexible on this issue.  The Clerk would respond on these two points.   Action PSS  



10.       Venue for Parish Council meetings
  It was agreed to continue using the Somerset (upstairs) Room.  A note would be put in the Pill Paper regarding any disabled residents who might wish to attend a meeting.  Action PSS  




11.       Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere
            A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting
11.1 Bus Shelters:  A letter from NSC Highways, following a meeting with Cllr Duck, was passed to Cllr Whiting for attention at the next Finance & General Purposes meeting.  Agenda 13/9

Pill Rag Committee:  A request for a donation was passed to Cllr Whiting for consideration at the next committee meeting.   Agenda 13/9


CPRE request for donation:  Hold and consider at next budget setting.   Action PSS


Hardwick Road lease:  A response from Davitt Jones Bould to our most recent amendments was passed to Cllr Whiting for his consideration.   Action RW



12.       Agreed national pay award for Clerks
  Cllr Hunt reported that the National Association of Local Councils had announced a three year pay award deal for Clerks.  Proposed by Cllr Pritchard and seconded by Cllr Langton, it was agreed that this would be implemented.  



13.       Accounts for Payment
            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:
  Payee Details                £
  BT Telephone account             53.61
  SITA UK Ltd Emptying dog bins – June           101.58
  J Hunt Salary           468.57

PC Strother Smith Salary           791.84

Post Office Ltd

Tax & NI


  Avon Wildlife Trust Donation re Prior’s Wood              250.00

SWEB Energy

Pavilion account


Serviceteam Ltd

Grass cutting




14.       Items for Future Agendas

  Tree Survey  (Playing Fields committee)
  Draft Local Plan  (September Planning committee)
  Port Company Liaison  (Main Council agenda)



15.       Expenditure by Committees to date

    Expenditure to date Budgeted
                    £        £

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)



  Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)              3,897   26,645
  Planning                 NIL     8,000

Playing Fields



  Open Spaces & Amenities              3,746   19,000
  Public Footpaths & Rights of Way                 NIL        650
  Community Centre Redevelopment                 NIL   10,000
  Contingency Fund                 NIL     1,000