Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 23 February 2004

By   December 1, 2007


Cllrs G. Hunt (Chairman), K. Brooks, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, G. Jones,

B. Langton, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V. Robinson, B. Stowers, D. Waters,

& Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).



Cllrs G. Duck & R. Whiting.



1.         Public Participation




2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 26 January 2004

The minutes were confirmed and signed.  Cllr Pritchard’s name was added to those present at the Planning Committee meeting on 26 January.



3.         Crime & Disorder

Cllr Ridley reported from the Pill Local Action Team:


Anti-distraction burglary kits have been fitted to front doors of vulnerable people in the village;


In conjunction with the Resource Centre, they are seeking Community Panel Members to work with the Youth Offending Team on preventing first time offenders committing further crime;


There has been an increase in Tax Disc thefts in North Somerset;


Two abandoned cars have been removed this year, before vandals had been able to destroy them;


The team, with the police and the Resource Centre, have set up a Youth Watch scheme, which will be working with the schools and beat officers.

4.         Committee Reports

4.1       Playing Fields


Moles:  Cllr Jones’ father had, so far, trapped 5 moles at the football pitch.


4.2       Open Spaces & Amenities


Litter Bins:  It was agreed to proceed with new bins at the Co-op, the precinct and Pump Square.  The Clerk would ascertain whether North Somerset Council (NSC) would contribute financially before costings could be finalised and agreed.  Action PSS


4.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee


Street Lighting:  A ‘walk round’ to inspect reported deficiencies had taken place on 16 February and findings would be discussed at the next Committee meeting, after which recommendations will be made for expenditure in the coming financial year.


Allotment Association:  Following agreement at the recent Committee meeting, the Clerk had written to the Association confirming rent amounts to be paid for the second 5 year period of the current lease.



4.4       Planning Committee


Skateboard Park:  A meeting had taken place with representatives of NSC Parks Department to discuss the proposed new site for the park.



5.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies


Youth Club:  Cllr Waters reported that handicap access (i.e. a ramp and toilet) needed to be considered for the club’s facilities at the Community Centre.  It was agreed that, in the first instance, this should be referred to Alan Smith for his input/advice.

Action DW


Rail Liaison:  Minutes of the meeting on 26 January were circulated.  Councillors were reminded that specific rail related complaints could be made on 0845 711 4141 or, during office hours, on 01793 499712.  The next, and last, meeting of this group will now be on 27 April.


Gordano Councils Transport Group:  Cllr Robinson reported that the railway line would not attract further funding for some time to come.  It was revealed that NSC has not made proper provision for road access to a new station in Portishead;  new developments are gradually taking up available space.  The Group would be contacting NSC to ask what their intentions are.



6.         Correspondence

            A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting


Surface Dressing:  It was noted that a schedule of work on unclassified roads would include Church Road, Marsh Lane East & West, Redland Avenue, Gordano Way and Royal Portbury Dock Road.


North Somerset Times:  Bundles of undelivered papers are being dumped in areas around Avon Road.  The paper is colour coding bundles so that culprits can be identified.



7.         Local Access Forum

David Mazur, the LAF member aligned to us under the ‘buddy’ system was in attendance.  He said that the Forum was a consultative body made up of landowners, walkers and other users.  It was concerned with the broader picture rather than specific local issues/problems.  Three items were currently occupying their attention: the wider scope of the new country code in North Somerset, the local transport plan and access to the countryside, and the use of mechanically propelled vehicles on rights of way.



8.         Venue for Parish Council meetings

Because of a clash with the pantomime, the January meeting had been held in the upstairs room at the Community Centre.  Councillors considered this a better venue and it was proposed by Cllr Jones, seconded by Cllr Stowers and agreed that Council and Committee meetings will be held there for a 6 months’ trial period.  However, the meetings on 26 April, which include the Annual Parish Meeting, would be in the downstairs room.

These arrangements would be advertised on the parish notice boards and in the Pill Paper.  Action GH/PSS



9.         Standing Orders & Declaration of Interests


The Clerk is waiting to receive details from ALCA which, it is hoped, will assist in the revision of the standing orders.  Cllr Hunt will resurrect papers he wrote on the conduct of meetings some while ago.  Action PSS/GH



10.       Accounts for Payment

            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:





Portbury Parish Council

Share of CD Jones’ fees


            The above was signed at the Committee meetings on 9 February 2004.


Phone – New number message



Telephone a/c


Bowcom Ltd

Football line marking paint





J Hunt



P Strother Smith



Post Office Ltd

Tax & NI



Petty Cash



Dog bin emptying – January


Konica Minolta

Photocpopier rental



Local Council Review sub.




11.       Any Other Urgent Business


Lafarge Plasterboard’s application to increase site boundary noise levels:  Cllr Brooks reported that this was merely to bring planning consent into line with existing noise levels.  The Clerk was asked to write to NSC proposing that they should consider undertaking an environmental review in the area.  Action PSS



12.       Pill Paper

            The following items will be submitted:

·        The new venue for meetings

·        The date of the Annual Parish Meeting (26 April 2004 at 8pm)



13.       Expenditure by Committees to date


Expenditure to date




Playing Fields



Open Spaces & Amenities



Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)



Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)









Community Centre Redevelopment



Contingency Fund















Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting on Monday 23 February 2004



Cllrs Hunt, Brooks, Burchell, Clegg, Langton, Pritchard & Robinson,

Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk)


Cllrs Duck & Whiting.




The following applications have been approved:


5 Lime Tree Grove, Pill

Single storey side & rear extension.


12 Eirene Terrace, Pill

First floor rear extension.


7 Baltic Place, Pill

Change of use from retail to food & drink.


McCrae Road, Pill

Fell Scots Pine x 1.




New Applications – there was no objection to the following:


Unit E3, Eden Park,

Ham Green

Two storey office building & parking.


Happerton Cottage, EIG

Two storey side & rear extension.


21 Anchor Way, Pill

Single storey rear extension.


Ground floor flat, The

Bakehouse, Back Lane, Pill

Conversion of garage & store into two bedroom flat.

Though concern was expressed with regard to parking.


8 Rectory Road, EIG

Dormer window in loft bedroom.


The Tynings,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Demolition of existing buildings & greenhouse, erection of new building & polytunnel.  Change of use of mobile home from residential to owner/manager’s accommodation.

Though concern was expressed with regard to traffic.