Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 26 January 2004

By   December 15, 2008


Cllrs G. Duck (Chairman), S. Baker, V. Pritchard, V. Robinson, B. Stowers,

D. Waters, R. Whiting & B Langton (acting as clerk)



Cllrs G. Jones, G Hunt, K Burchell, D. Clegg, S. Ridley & Mr P Strother Smith (Clerk).



1.         Public Participation


It was questioned as to why North Somerset Council (NSC) has not taken effective action against Redrow Homes in view of their non-compliance with the 106 agreement linked to the Ham Green housing development, and suggested that much stronger action should be pursued.


Mr Hunt asked why nothing has been heard from the Port Company concerning the meeting that had been promised with residents.  He also again asked for a sound barrier to be erected to shield residents from noise.  In reply it was pointed out that the request for a meeting had been repeated at the most recent Rail Liaison Meeting.  A further letter from the PC was proposed.

Other problems linked to the railway include the accumulation of thistles on the land leased by the Parish Council (PC), litter accumulation and the non-functioning light under the bridge on the cycleway.


Information about the progress of the proposed skateboard park was requested.  A change of site has been suggested:  the new position being less likely to affect residents and, importantly, offering much better drainage.  It was recognised that Pill is short of facilities for young people and acknowledged that the skateboard group has acted very impressively.  The police are investigating the possibility of a mobile facility.



2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 8 December 2003

The minutes were confirmed and signed, with one amendment:  the date of the previous PC meeting was altered to 24 November 2003.  (See Item 2.)


Ref 4.3.1 A meeting to discuss a long term lease of the Community Centre has been arranged for Monday 2 Feb at 6.00pm in the Community Centre.


Ref 5.1 It was asked if more could not be done to support the residents suffering from noise from the railway.  It was pointed out that the Port and Train Companies had made many ameliorating changes as a result of PC representations.  Agreed:  a letter to be written to the Port Company to urge that it honours the promise of a meeting with residents.



3.         Crime & Disorder


Community Support Officers Linda Richards and Debbie Charman said that there had been 31 reported crimes within the Parish in the 3 months 12.10.03 – 12.01.04 – down 4 on the same period last year.  (6 violent crimes, including domestic violence, 1 sex offence, 2 dwelling burglaries, 6 non-dwelling burglaries, 7 thefts from motor vehicles, 4 cases of criminal damage and 5 of anti-social behaviour.  There is no information about clear-up rates.


The officers were congratulated on their effectiveness in dealing with anti-social behaviour in the village.  By talking to offenders, visiting their homes etc the problem has been greatly diminished.



3.         Crime & Disorder (cont’d)


PC J Bartlett is to start as the new Community Officer at the end of January.


The police are seeking a meeting with NSC to discuss ways of deterring young people from getting on the flat roofs of the precinct buildings.

4.         Committee Reports

4.1       Playing Fields


Ref item 2:  A mole expert has been contacted and will give an estimate.


Ref item 3:  The pitches at Ham Green have been due since 1999.  The possibility of a case against NSC for maladministration was discussed.  Agreed:  that a letter should be written to invite the Chief Executive of NSC to a meeting with the PC to discuss NSC’s prolonged inaction and the advice of ACLA be sought about the process of making a formal complaint against the local authority. Action PSS


4.2       Open Spaces & Amenities


Contribution re Water Lane to Westward Drive footpath

The Footpath Maintenance Officer is to move ahead with planning this improvement. The value of the agreed contribution to costs from the PC has been acknowledged.


4.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee


Ref item 2: it was confirmed that this item is in hand.


Ref item 3:  Cllr Whiting explained that 5 years have elapsed since the agreement with the Allotment Association and we are now out of time to insist on an increased rent for the next 5 years.  Agreed:  the Association should be invited to the February Committee Meeting to discuss the matter.  Action PSS


Ref item 5:  see 2.1. above.


4.4       Planning Committee


Ref item 5:  a response has been agreed and sent on behalf of the PC and Portbury PC.


Cllr Robinson reported that we have now received a copy of the trees in the Parish which have Tree Preservation Orders.  Agreed:  that a letter should be written to Brian Heaton (a recognised Conservation Officer) to invite him to the next Committee Meeting to discuss the use of the information.  Action PSS



5.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies


Cllr Duck reported meeting with Frank Cox (Highways Officer) on the question of pavements in the village, including the High Pavement.  A study will be made and the results reported to the PC.



6.         Correspondence

            A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting


Ref the list of streetlights:  agreed that most councillors do not require a copy but Cllrs Pritchard and Whiting requested copies.


Ref Morgan’s Charity:  agreed that Roger Collins would undertake the role.  Agreed: the clerk to write to invite him formally to become a trustee of the charity.  Action PSS.


Ref the Hardwick Road Playing Field lease:  Cllr Whiting agreed to follow the matter up.


Ref the Avon River Trail request for stories about the river:  agreed to place an item in the Pill Paper report.



7.         Budget & Precept for year to 31 march 2005


Cllr Whiting reported that the Playing Fields budget had been amended, whilst keeping the total figure for the committee the same.


The anticipated income for the next financial year excluding the precept is £42,795.  Last year’s precept was £70 000.  After discussion it was agreed that a further figure of £5 000 should be included in the budget for expenditure on roadways and pavements.  It was therefore proposed that the precept be increased by 5.7% to £74 000, making a total income of 116 795.  Proposed:  Cllr Whiting;  Seconded:  Cllr Pritchard.  Carried; nem con.



8.         Parish Plan


Cllr Whiting reported that the meetings to date have been very encouraging and it is the view of the councillors who have been involved that we should agree to the matter proceeding.  In due course, the PC will need to submit a grant application, and a small fund will be needed to provide for preliminary activity.  This was agreed and Cllrs Whiting and Robinson were nominated as the PC representatives on the Steering Committee.  The next meeting of the Steering Committee is on Wed 28.01.04 at 6.30 pm at St Katherine’s School.



9.         Date of Annual Parish Meeting


The meeting was fixed at 8.00 pm on Monday 26 April.  The monthly meeting of the PC will be held at 6.30 on the same evening, with no item of public participation.



10.       Date of Annual Meeting


Monday 24 May at 7.00 pm



11.       Accounts for Payment

            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:






Dog bin emptying – November


Serviceteam Ltd

Mowing – October


Unique Pub Properties

Rent re bus shelter site


DW Searle & Son

Erection of bin at play area


            The above were signed at the Committee meetings on 12 January 2004.

SWEB Energy

Street lighting a/c   7–9/03


SWEB Energy

Street lighting a/c   10-12/03



Pavilion a/c


Pill Community Centre

Hire of facilities – Oct – Dec 03


J Hunt



PC Strother Smith



North Somerset Council

Supply of 2 grit bins


North Somerset Council

Election Charges May 03.


Post Office Ltd

Tax & NI



Dog bin emptying – December




12.       Any Other Urgent Business


Two items were agreed for the next agenda:

a) the venue for PC meetings.  It is suggested that the upstairs room offers a better venue than the one downstairs.  (It has been checked that this idea would present no problems to the Community Centre)

b) Standing Orders and the declaration of interests.


It was agreed that the April committee meetings will be held on Monday 5 April, as Monday 12 April is Easter Monday.


The Civic Service is now fixed for Sunday 14 March at 11.00 am in Pill Church.



13.       Pill Paper

            The following items will be submitted:

·        The request for stories concerning the river

·        The precept

·        The new community beat officer

·        The upgrading of the Water Lane footpath

·        The Civic Service.



14.       Expenditure by Committees to date


Expenditure to date




Playing Fields



Open Spaces & Amenities



Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)



Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)









Community Centre Redevelopment



Contingency Fund













Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting on Monday 26 January 2004



Cllrs Duck, Robinson, Whiting and Langton (acting as clerk)


Cllr Hunt, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).




The following applications have been approved:


Railway Inn, Pill

Extension – rear single-storey.


The Tynings,

Martcombe Rd, EIG

Erection of polytunnel.


Chapel Pill Lane, Pill

Construction of new pumping station.


10 Lodway, Pill

Side extension.


34 Stoneyfields, EIG

Single-storey front extension.




The following application has been withdrawn:


Sunnyside, Martcombe Rd, EIG

Conversion of agricultural building to dwelling.




New Applications – there was no objection to the following:


5 Lime Tree Grove, Pill

Single-storey side & rear extension.


18 Church Road EIG

Rear Conservatory.


6 The Lovells EIG

Post-approval amendment




New Application:


Lafarge Plasterboard, EIG

Removal of planning condition which prevents storage or deposition of materials in the open

Although there was no necessary objection to this, Councillors were concerned that no reason for this relaxation was given, and hence that the nature of the materials to be stored was unclear.