Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 27 September 2004

By   July 24, 2008
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt (Chairman), B. Langton, K. Brooks, G. Duck, G. Jones,

V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, B. Stowers, R. Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllr V. Robinson.



1.         Public Participation

  Mr Roger Collins said that he was pleased to see that the Water Lane footpath had now been reopened.



2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 16 August 2004

  The minutes were confirmed and signed.



3.         Crime & Disorder
3.1 PC Sue Davey was in attendance.  Crime figures were reportedly low and the meeting was reminded that these are available on the police website.
3.2 Cllr Whiting again mentioned the chaotic state of the traffic outside the primary school. At the start and end of the day there are coaches and cars parked haphazardly, lorries passing and children in danger.  PC Davey would ask her Sergeant to follow this up.
3.3 Cllr Brooks reported that there had been a spate of bins being turned over and rubbish strewn around in the village centre.  He would monitor and report as necessary.



4.         Clerk’s Report

4.1. Street Lighting:  The loop of 5 lights in the Stoneyfields/Breaches area were still permanently on.  The Clerk had been chasing SEC Ltd on this and on general progress with connecting the new lights.
4.2 Bull Lane:  Following complaints from residents about rats being seen, overgrown vegetation had been cut back and the drains checked.
4.3 Victoria Park:  The bollards had been replaced along the back of the precinct.
4.4 Marsh Lane:  Proposed and seconded by Cllrs Pritchard and Stowers, it was agreed to ask North Somerset Council (NSC) to undertake a feasibility study into extending the speed limit in Marsh Lane through to Church Road/Priory Road.   Action PSS



5.         Maintenance & Highway Issues

The following issues were reported:  
5.1 Lafarge:  Cllr Hunt read out a circular which had been sent by Lafarge to all drivers and was aimed at tackling the problem of lorries parking in Marsh Lane and adjoining areas. Cllr Duck said that NSC would probably be installing double yellow lines there, with the cost being born by Lafarge.
5.2 Sambourne Lane:  Cllr Jones reported that a resident had had an accident apparently caused by the poor state of the pavement.   Action PSS
5.3 Mount Pleasant:  Cllr Stowers asked that the road sign be replaced and suggested that it should be sited between his house (No. 10) and the church.   Action PSS



6.         News from North Somerset Council
  North Somerset Council Civic Service:  Cllr Hunt reported that this had taken place the previous day at St George’s Church and he thanked Cllr Duck for organising this to be in the parish.



7.         Recommendations and Decisions from Committees

7.1       Playing Fields
  Nothing to report.


7.2       Open Spaces & Amenities
7.2.1 Dog & Litter bins:  Two new dog bins had been ordered and NSC had been asked if they would install a litter bin by Water Lane footpath as part of the new development.


7.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee
7.3.1 Parish Plan:  The Countryside Agency had confirmed that a grant of £4389 would be given.  However, this was conditional upon another £2690 being found and Cllr Whiting expressed hope that the Parish Council would make a contribution.  It was resolved that the Clerk should write to accept the grant.   Action PSS


7.4       Planning Committee
7.4.1 Draft Local Plan:  Clarifying the minutes of the Planning Committee on 13 September, Cllr Hunt said that there had originally been 90 objections to the draft plan.  Most of these had already been resolved with NSC, but 21 remained outstanding.



8.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies

8.1 Port Liaison Company Liaison: The following items should be submitted to be on the agenda of 12 October meeting:

Coal wagons

Height of coal in the stock yard

Weed management at Long Shore

Overgrown vegetation from the cutting on to Monmouth Road



9.         Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere
9.1 Hardwick Road lease:  Cllr Whiting reported that there was just one point outstanding. The Clerk would write to clarify this and, once agreed, a resolution would be sought for the lease to be signed.   Action PSS  



10.       A369 speed limit review
  Cllrs Hunt reported that NSC would not be extending the 50mph limit to the M5 roundabout. He and Cllr Robinson had attended two NSC meetings with neighbouring parish councils and the police and had been persuaded by police arguments against such an extension.  Councillors were unhappy with this decision;  the road was considered dangerous when combining high speeds with junctions, a pub and a nursery along this stretch.  It was resolved to invite the police officer concerned to attend a council meeting to air the issues again.   Action PSS  



11.       Hardwick Road play area
  The police were still investigating the paint daubing incident of 4/5 September.  An article had appeared in The Mercury.

Wickstead Leisure were sending a quote for replacing the swing seats and the missing monkey pole and Dave Searle had been asked to repaint the metal seat.  The Clerk had written to Lodway Service Station, whose unsecured paint was thought to have been used, suggesting that they should bear the costs of repair.

Cllr Duck was concerned about youngsters congregating in the area late at night, intimidating older people and he suggested that it could be better lit.  PC Davey suggested the installation of benches away from the play area might help.  Cllr Ridley mentioned a dedicated area for teenagers.  An article would be submitted to the Pill Paper and further discussion would take place at the next committee meeting.   Action PSS & Agenda 11/10




12.       Site meeting with North Somerset Council Highways
  Proposals with costings were still awaited from Mark Sellick of NSC.  Once these were received, it was suggested that an article appear in the Pill Paper discussing options for Heywood Road and inviting comment from the public.

Regarding the Lodway crossing, Cllr Pritchard said the warning sign on the Easton-in-Gordano side was hidden by trees and that the new pavement needed highlighting.

Cllr Ridley said there was now a problem with cars parking alongside the old brewery and suggested that this should be a future agenda item.   Action PSS




13.       Watch House Hill
  It was confirmed that NSC had agreed to a meeting with the Parish Council and local interested people to discuss the future (ecological) management of the area.  It was agreed that a pre-meeting should be held involving Brian Heaton, Bob Buck, a representative of Avon Wildlife Trust and Steve Taylor/Mark Rice would also be contacted.  Cllrs Stowers, Langton and Hunt expressed interest in participating.  A date for this would be fixed at the next committee meeting.   Agenda 11/10

Cllr Duck said that he would be meeting Tony Moore of NSC on 30 September for an update on the 106 agreement.

Cllr Ridley said that camp building had again been taking place and a lot of items needed removing before the trees were damaged.




14.       Community Centre
14.1 Asbestos survey:  The Clerk had obtained agreement from Chris Jennings, Senior Property Surveyor of NSC for the Centre to be added to their portfolio of buildings for the purposes of an asbestos survey.   Action PSS  
14.2 Disability Discrimination Act:  A response was awaited from the Management Committee before proceeding with discussion on this issue.  



15.       Skateboard Surface
  Cllr Ridley reported that there have been two sessions using a temporary surface arranged with the police at the Ham Green car park.  A donation from the Parish Council could help towards these sessions occurring on, say, a bi-monthly basis.   Agenda 11/10  



16.       Accounts for Payment
            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:
  Payee Details                £
  Konica Minolta Photocopier rental           101.38
  SITA UK Ltd Dog bin emptying – July             93.77
  Serviceteam Ltd Grass cutting           137.48

J Hunt Salary           468.57

P Strother Smith



  Post Office Ltd Tax & NI              399.68


Dog bin emptying – August


St George Easton-in-G. JFC

New corner flags



Line marking paint




17.       Items for Future Agendas

  Port Company Liaison – report on 12/10 meeting (25.10.04)
  Hardwick Road play area (11.10.04)
  Watch House Hill – arrange pre-meeting (11.10.04)
  Skateboard surface – to discuss donation (11.10.04)
  Date of December meetings (25.10.04)



18.       Expenditure by Committees to date

    Expenditure to date Budgeted
                    £        £

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)



  Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)              4,436   26,645
  Planning                 NIL     8,000

Playing Fields



  Open Spaces & Amenities              4,079   19,000
  Public Footpaths & Rights of Way                 NIL        650
  Community Centre Redevelopment                 NIL   10,000
  Contingency Fund                 NIL     1,000












Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 27 September 2004



Planning Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton (in the Chair), Brooks, Duck, Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllr Robinson.



1. The following applications have been approved:
  04/P/1783/F 12 New Road, Pill Erection of first floor bedroom extension.
  04/P/1451/F Markham House,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Erection of two storey detached building for use as garage & storage.



2. New Applications – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/2311/F 14 Eirene Terrace, Pill Garage & loft conversion to include a dormer to the front & an extension to the rear dormer.
  04/P/2364/F 34 Church Road, EIG Erection of replacement detached garage.
  04/P/2373/F Rudgleigh Inn,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Conversion of roof space to include erection of a first floor rear roof gable to form a staff rest room.