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Garden Club

image002The objectives of the Club are to encourage the cultivation and exhibition of flowers, fruit and vegetables and to foster interest in horticulture in general and in the local environment.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at St. Georges Church Hall, Easton in Gordano, starting at 7.45pm, visitors are very welcome.

The members represent a good cross section of the local community from dedicated gardeners to those who enjoy a pleasant social evening with a variety of interesting speakers on garden related topics. The membership has increased over the last few years and now stands at just over a hundred.

image003Apart from the regular monthly meetings the club organises a number of special events during the year which include :-

The Members Spring Bulb Show
This is held in on the March Club night with 9 classes available for members to enter and 8 cups are awarded to winning entrants

Members Annual Show
This is one of the highlights of the club year when members are able to display their prized flowers and vegetables not only to the judge and club members but also to any members of the local community who wish to see the show.

The show is held on a Saturday at the beginning of August in the St.Georges Church Hall with judging taking place in the morning and the public viewing in the afternoon.

There are classes for both flowers and vegetables (44 classes in all) and 11 Trophies are presented to the winners in each section.

Visitors to the show are asked to make a voluntary donation on entry that is given to one of the local “good causes”

Every other year the club organise a 5day holiday to gardens in different parts of the country, past holidays have been to Cornwall, Yorkshire Sussex and North Wales.
On each holiday a variety of gardens (usually 7) are visited which are typical of the area.

For any further information  contact:-

Mike Winter tel: 01275 373363 or Gerry Westwood tel: 01275 372797

About … Robert Buck – St. George’s Flower Bank, Pill, North Somerset

FlowerBank0001Rob identified the importance of the roadside verges for wildlife, local people and passing motorists. The verge along the A369 near the M5 and Easton in Gordano has already been enhanced with some planting and clearing. This project enabled more planting, habitat management and the monitoring and recording of species.

When we don’t have activities going on in our area, you can sit at home, hop on the internet, and start to play some fun games like online slots.

Rob developed his skills in habitat management.
Significant improvement was made in the diversity and quality of wildflowers, including bee orchids.
Some members of the local community got involved in helping with the work.
A display in the Pill Community Centre, and with people passing the site, generated a huge number of positive comments on the improvements made.
The equipment used for the habitat management purchased with the award has been made available to the community for other uses, in addition to the continued management of the site.
“This award has really helped us to develop our flower bank, not just to preserve endangered plants but to give great enjoyment to locals and passing traffic alike.” Rob Buck



Pill Youth Club is based in the Community Centre


Contact: Katie Naylor 07767 671675



Day Age Group Time
Mondays 13 – 19 year olds 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Wednesdays 11 to 13 year olds 7:15pm – 9:15pm
Thursdays Young Womens Group(11-19) 7:30pm – 9:30pm


Thursdays Advice Drop in 6:30pm – 7:30pm


Offsite Trip’s – (cinema & Bowling)
Residential Trip’s
Development & Skills Workshops
Sports Activities
Homework and Careers assistance
Half Term/School Holiday activities


Programme 7th January to 1st May 2008

Flower Bank

FlowerBankMap1Why do our expensive seeds fail when weeds never seem to? Often it’s because conditions are not exactly suitable despite our best efforts.  Sometimes though, when everything is just right, weed seeds will make a mockery of our efforts to destroy the countryside. Flower-rich haymeadows are one of the most endangered habitats anywhere threatened by modern farming practice, which sees wildflowers as ‘weeds’, and development alike.

Wild plants will quickly gain a foothold wherever the soil is left open after disturbance see how quickly. Flanders poppies covered the ground during the disruption of the First World War.
The same sort of thing happened in North Somerset when the Bristol to Portishead A369 road was diverted at St Georges Hill to accommodate the M5 motorway junction at the Gordano service area many years ago [c. 1971]. A half-mile stretch of new road was cut through a field to straighten and widen the old one. The highway authority may have originally sown some grass to cover the mess, but even if that was the case it’s doubtful that the mixture included any wildflowers. Unfortunately two local government reorganisations later records have been lost, and memory fades.

Gradually as the conditions settled weeds started to establish themselves amongst the grass on the verges. As with any such site dandelions, thistles and other windblown seeds would have been the first, followed by heavier ones like ash and sycamore. Later those carried by birds resulted with bramble and hawthorn being prominent. For 20 years the site was left virtually undisturbed. The whole area was gradually developing into a long and narrow woodland, as the trees grew taller and thicker.  Apart from mowing the regulation metre-wide strip next to the tarmac and a swathe to provide sight-lines at junctions, no management has ever been undertaken by the councils. At other sites along the route to Bristol trees now meet overhead in a leafy tunnel!

About ten years ago I was excited to realise that some of the plants were primroses and cowslips common enough in South Devon perhaps, but now quite a rarity locally. What was also evident was that more robust plants were overrunning the flowers. To prevent this, small areas were cleared every year by hand. The flowers thrived. Spurred on by the success larger areas were mowed annually. A side effect of removing the debris was that conditions started to change as the nutrient levels dropped. More flowers began to establish as the conditions slowly altered. There are now all sorts of meadow plants gracing the banks after the spring flowers die back including several varieties of orchids.

All of the plants found have established themselves naturally, apart from some fruit trees that have obviously grown from discarded apple cores Royal Gala thrives here! As time passed more and more people began to notice the flowers and to appreciate them. Now a growing team of volunteers spends time every autumn and winter making sure that the wildflowers can continue to delight passers-by every spring and summer. Not all the trees and brambles are removed; some areas are left to mature, whilst the meadows are maintained between. This way as diverse and varied a range of habitats as possible is being conserved.

For the first time a complete survey was undertaken in 1991. Initial results are encouraging; despite being alongside a route that is daily brought to a standstill with commuter traffic the range of wildlife continues to increase. One 50-metre stretch holds at least 50 species of plant. By May 2005 increased expertise in identification had raised the total on the site to something like 270 [including fungi]! Badger, rabbit and smaller mammals are much in evidence though unfortunately more at risk from the traffic! A surprising variety of birds and insects [especially Marbled White butterfly and Cinnabar Moth] is regularly found, mostly unaffected by the lorries and cars thundering by. A thorough survey of invertebrates is planned for 2006.

What is most exciting is the realisation that, despite the destruction caused by the building of new roads and the increase in traffic, wild things will re-colonise. On a site like this the number of vehicles appears to have little effect, in fact it seems to have a positive side in that there are virtually no pedestrians and even fewer dogs to disturb the wildlife. The emissions from the traffic may not be totally beneficial to those working on the verge, though there are no indications that the plants are affected. The endangered wildflowers have been conserved.

With the encouragement and support of the District and Parish Councils, a Millennium Conservation award ** and a grant from YANSEC (from the Landfill Credit Tax), work continues and the site has expanded as much as possible, the potential is almost unlimited. Travellers will be able to enjoy the wonderful stands of flowers on their way to and fro, especially when stationary in a traffic jam [a regular occurrence]. Some may even be encouraged to undertake their own project when they realise that the weeds are in fact wonderful wildflowers.




None of the plants has been introduced artificially; they are ‘self-set’ and wild. The reason that they thrive is because the management ensures the conditions are suitable.

The area near the junction with the Welcome to Easton-in-Gordano and Pill sign was planted with some garden plants by the Pill and District Garden Club. Whilst we manage this now as part of the main wildflower site, these plants are still encouraged.

·          Pearl’s Patch [Opposite the top of Rectory Road and the old Easton school] has indigenous trees funded by Ron Painton in memory of his wife.

·          Non-native American Elm trees, which are totally resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, have been planted near to the junction of St. George’s Hill with the A369 as a memorial to Valerie Price, John Smales and ‘Jock’ Wilson. These trees replace native English Elms that now cannot survive more than a few years.

Minutes of the Council meeting & Committee meetings on Monday 16 August 2004

Present: Cllrs G. Hunt (Chairman), B. Langton, S Baker, K. Brooks, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, G. Jones, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V. Robinson, R. Whiting &

Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllr B Stowers.



1.         Public Participation




2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 26 July 2004

  The minutes were confirmed and signed.



3.         Crime & Disorder
  Nothing to report.  PC Bartlett would be invited to attend the next meeting on 27 September.



4.         Clerk’s Report

4.1. Wyndham Crescent:  The overhanging fence and vegetation had been dealt with by North Somerset Council (NSC).
4.2 Street lights:  There was a loop of 5 lights in the Stoneyfields/Breaches area which were permanently on; these were being attended to by SEC and Western Power.



5.         Maintenance & Highway Issues

The following issues were reported:  
5.1 Water Lane footpath:  This had now been reopened, but overhanging vegetation needed to be cut back   Action PSS
5.2 Play Area:  Cllr Jones reported that bolts had been removed from part of the fence (now repaired), a pole ripped off the house/slide and paint daubed on one of the seats.  There were also some bolts missing from the equipment.     Action PSS
5.3 Site meeting:  Cllrs Hunt, Ridley, Robinson and Whiting would attend a site meeting with Mark Sellick of NSC regarding Macrae Road, Heywood Road and the Lodway crossing (see para. 7.3.2).  It was proposed that this would be on 9 September at 10.30am, meeting at Macrae Road.  Cllr Hunt would invite Cllr Duck to attend.   Action PSS/GH
5.4 Marsh Lane:  NSC would be approached again regarding possible speed restrictions on Marsh Lane.   Action PSS
5.5 Other maintenance issues for attention:  Blocked drains in Priory Road, tree pruning at Hardwick Road playing fields, wall cracked at St George’s Hill/Agresso, repainting central white line outside Kings Head pub (all NSC) and steps missing in flood barrier by Marine Parade (Environment Agency).   Action PSS



6.         News from North Somerset Council
  Nothing to report.



7.         Committees

7.1       Playing Fields
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, S Baker, S. Ridley & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr B Stowers.


7.1.1 Weed killing:  Keith Bell had quoted £90 + VAT and Serviceteam £120 + VAT for this job.  It was recommended – and agreed by full Council – that Keith Bell’s quote should be accepted.   Action PSS
7.1.2 Tree Surgeon’s report:  As Cllr Stowers was away, this item was postponed until the next meeting.   Agenda 13/9



7.2       Open Spaces & Amenities
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, S. Baker, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, G. Jones, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V. Robinson & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr B Stowers.


7.2.1 Ham Green/Watch House Hill:  It was understood that NSC would be meeting at officer level to discuss how to complete outstanding matters.  It was suggested that Councillors needed some expert guidance on the issue and that Brian Heaton’s help might be sought.



7.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, K Brooks, K. Burchell, G. Jones, V. Pritchard,

V. Robinson, R. Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).



7.3.1 Street lighting in The Moorings:  A resident had complained about the siting of a new column outside her house.  SEC had written a detailed letter explaining that light spillage would not cause her a problem.  It was agreed to proceed as planned and to copy the SEC letter to the resident.   Action PSS
7.3.2 Lodway crossing:  A letter had been received from the Pill Local Action Team proposing that the parking bay on the road between the shop and the garage should be removed in view of the new crossing and pavement.  It was recommended – and agreed by full Council – that this should be added to the site meeting with Mark Sellick (see para. 5.3)
7.3.3 Community Centre:  Cllr Brooks would obtain quotations for asbestos surveys from two contacts given by Cllr Clegg.   Action KB
7.3.4 Village Orderly – Cover for holidays:  For discussion at a future committee meeting.  Action PSS



7.4       Planning Committee
Present: Cllrs G. Hunt, B. Langton, K Brooks, K. Burchell, D. Clegg, V. Robinson,

R. Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).



7.4.1 NSC Housing Strategy survey:  Cllr Robinson had responded on behalf of the Council.
7.4.2 Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study:  The Gordano Councils Transport Group will be responding to the Atkins study team consultation on behalf of the represented Councils.
7.4.3 Maggies Cottages:  The issue of the gardens encroaching on green belt is being pursued by NSC.




7.4.4 The following applications have been approved:
  04/P/1462/RM Applehayes, Rectory Road,


Submission of reserved matters for siting & means of access pursuant to outline planning approval for the erection of 3 dwellings.
  04/P/1561/F 8 The Moorings, Pill Single storey rear extension & alterations to the roof.
  04/P/1666/F 30 Fitzharding Road,

Ham Green



7.4.5 New Application – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/1977/F 8A Rectory Road, EIG Erection of 2m. high boundary wall & 0.9m. high timber fence to front.


7.4.6 Pre Decision Amendment – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/1649/F 4 The Lovells, EIG Materials to be rendered & not brickwork as originally proposed.


7.4.7 Appeal


Rudgleigh Inn,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Clear overgrowth & dead trees & construct overspill car parking area. Erection of 3 floodlights to car park. (Retrospective)
  Councillors had objected to the application in May on the basis that existing car parking was sufficient for the size of pub, it would be encroaching on green belt land and the flood lights were out of keeping with the area.  They wished these objections to be reiterated at the appeal.   Action PSS



8.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies

8.1 Pill Community Foundation:  Flying Giraffe, a management consultant company for the dispensing of charity funding, had given a presentation on 28 July to trustees and active community groups which might be in need of funding support.  The event was considered to have been a considerable success.
8.2 Nailsea & District Community Transport:  This scheme had now been extended to cover the Gordano Valley area.  The contact number is 01275 855552.



9.         Draft Waste Strategy Consultation
  It was noted that there were no plans for dealing with the recycling of plastic.  There were very mixed views about the imposition of wheelie bins and NSC had agreed to be flexible on this issue.  The Clerk would respond on these two points.   Action PSS  



10.       Venue for Parish Council meetings
  It was agreed to continue using the Somerset (upstairs) Room.  A note would be put in the Pill Paper regarding any disabled residents who might wish to attend a meeting.  Action PSS  




11.       Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere
            A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting
11.1 Bus Shelters:  A letter from NSC Highways, following a meeting with Cllr Duck, was passed to Cllr Whiting for attention at the next Finance & General Purposes meeting.  Agenda 13/9

Pill Rag Committee:  A request for a donation was passed to Cllr Whiting for consideration at the next committee meeting.   Agenda 13/9


CPRE request for donation:  Hold and consider at next budget setting.   Action PSS


Hardwick Road lease:  A response from Davitt Jones Bould to our most recent amendments was passed to Cllr Whiting for his consideration.   Action RW



12.       Agreed national pay award for Clerks
  Cllr Hunt reported that the National Association of Local Councils had announced a three year pay award deal for Clerks.  Proposed by Cllr Pritchard and seconded by Cllr Langton, it was agreed that this would be implemented.  



13.       Accounts for Payment
            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:
  Payee Details                £
  BT Telephone account             53.61
  SITA UK Ltd Emptying dog bins – June           101.58
  J Hunt Salary           468.57

PC Strother Smith Salary           791.84

Post Office Ltd

Tax & NI


  Avon Wildlife Trust Donation re Prior’s Wood              250.00

SWEB Energy

Pavilion account


Serviceteam Ltd

Grass cutting




14.       Items for Future Agendas

  Tree Survey  (Playing Fields committee)
  Draft Local Plan  (September Planning committee)
  Port Company Liaison  (Main Council agenda)



15.       Expenditure by Committees to date

    Expenditure to date Budgeted
                    £        £

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)



  Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)              3,897   26,645
  Planning                 NIL     8,000

Playing Fields



  Open Spaces & Amenities              3,746   19,000
  Public Footpaths & Rights of Way                 NIL        650
  Community Centre Redevelopment                 NIL   10,000
  Contingency Fund                 NIL     1,000




Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 11 August 2003

Present:         Cllrs G. Duck (Chairman), G. Hunt (Vice-Chairman), S. Baker, K. Brooks,

                     G. Jones, B. Langton, V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, V.Robinson, B. Stowers,

                     D. Waters, R. Whiting.  Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


1.         Public Participation


1.1   It was reported that the proposal to site antennae near Overhill Farm will be refused, but that it is believed that NSC has identified an alternative site in the area of the sub-station near the Rudgleigh Arms.


2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 28 July 2003


The minutes were confirmed and signed.


2.1   The site meeting regarding the proposed Old Slaughterhouse development has been rearranged for 18 August at 2pm.


2.2   Work has started on repairing the pavement at 2 Sambourne Lane.



3.         Crime & Disorder


3.1   Cllr Ridley handed the Clerk a copy of a letter from the Pill & District Community Partnership stating its plan to be reconstituted as the Pill Local Action Team.  Specific mention is made of the need to support any Community Speedwatch project.



4.         Committee Reports


4.1   Playing Fields


4.1.1    The Council supported the recommendation to increase charges for the Senior Football Team to £28 with effect from the beginning of the coming season.  The Junior Club would be reminded of its responsibility for marking the pitches.  Cllr Jones abstained, declaring her interest.  Action PSS


4.1.2    The Council approved the expenditure on new goal posts.  Action GD/PSS to inform Steve Sayer.



4.2   Planning Committee


4.2.1    It was agreed that an article would be placed in the Pill Paper regarding the need for planning permission when converting part of a field into a garden.  Action GH



5.     Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies


5.1   Shipway Farm Enquiry

Cllr Robinson gave a summary of the recent meeting of the enquiry.  The inspector’s report was expected to go forward to the Secretary of State in about 6 weeks.  A decision was then expected fairly quickly.


5.2   Gordano Councils Transport Group

A meeting regarding passenger rail service will take place on 15 or 17 August.



6.     Correspondence


A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting.

6.1   Video and other details re Community Speedwatch passed to Cllr Ridley to study and pass on to other Councillors.  Action SR

6.2   Re letter from NSC, our two Council vacancies will be advertised in the Pill Paper.  Action GH

6.3   Draft document re West of England Strategic Partnership’s Rural Strategy Framework passed to Cllr Robinson.



7.         Skateboard Park


        Cllr Ridley reported her understanding that drawings for the planning application are more or less finalised.



8.     Accounts for Payment


The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques ordered to be drawn:


        Payee                                     Details                                                                     £

        BT                                          Telephone account                                                56.04

        BT                                          New number message for 3 months                       29.37

        J Hunt                                     August salary                                                      396.21

        PC Strother Smith                   August salary                                                      681.31

        Post Office Ltd                       August tax & NI                                                 350.85

        Cash                                       Petty cash                                                             20.00

        Portbury Parish Council           Half share fees re Shipway Farm                      3,080.00



9.         Any Other Urgent Business


9.1   The alteration to the hatching on the A369 was expected to be done in about a week.


9.2   The footpath between Hardwick Road and Oak Grove is getting overgrown.  Action PSS


9.3   Cllr Waters reported that Watch House Hill is getting overgrown and there are not enough waste and dog bins.  Action DW/PSS to view


9.4   Cllr Waters reported that the fire door for the Youth Club was still to be installed.  Cllr Duck said that we had twice been let down on this.  Action DW



10.   Pill Paper


The following items are to be submitted:

The need for planning permission when converting fields to gardens

The two Council vacancies

Latest news on Rectory Road



11.     Extenditure by Committees to date


                                                                              Expenditure to date            Budgeted


Playing Fields                                                                     1,593                             5,975

Open Spaces & Amenities                                                24,411                           17,850

Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)                         15,104                           18,900

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)                  24,825                           42,212

Planning                                                                                 513                           10,000

Footpaths                                                                             NIL                                200

Community Centre Redevelopment                                     3,818                           10,000

Contingency Fund                                                                 NIL                             1,038









It includes Courthouse Farm and land either side of the A369 that provides the last buffer between Royal Portbury Dock and the two parishes of Easton-in-Gordano and Portbury.


A draft version of the Replacement Local Plan (RLP) was the subject of an Inquiry in Public in August 2005. The version of the plan that was considered at that Inquiry proposed both the retention of the Courthouse Farm and adjoining land in the established Green Belt, and the redesignation of the land at Shipway Farm into the Green Belt, the latter being a matter that had been presaged by the previous Avon County Structure Plan, with only the precise boundaries being a matter for the RLP

Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 26 January 2004


Cllrs G. Duck (Chairman), S. Baker, V. Pritchard, V. Robinson, B. Stowers,

D. Waters, R. Whiting & B Langton (acting as clerk)



Cllrs G. Jones, G Hunt, K Burchell, D. Clegg, S. Ridley & Mr P Strother Smith (Clerk).



1.         Public Participation


It was questioned as to why North Somerset Council (NSC) has not taken effective action against Redrow Homes in view of their non-compliance with the 106 agreement linked to the Ham Green housing development, and suggested that much stronger action should be pursued.


Mr Hunt asked why nothing has been heard from the Port Company concerning the meeting that had been promised with residents.  He also again asked for a sound barrier to be erected to shield residents from noise.  In reply it was pointed out that the request for a meeting had been repeated at the most recent Rail Liaison Meeting.  A further letter from the PC was proposed.

Other problems linked to the railway include the accumulation of thistles on the land leased by the Parish Council (PC), litter accumulation and the non-functioning light under the bridge on the cycleway.


Information about the progress of the proposed skateboard park was requested.  A change of site has been suggested:  the new position being less likely to affect residents and, importantly, offering much better drainage.  It was recognised that Pill is short of facilities for young people and acknowledged that the skateboard group has acted very impressively.  The police are investigating the possibility of a mobile facility.



2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 8 December 2003

The minutes were confirmed and signed, with one amendment:  the date of the previous PC meeting was altered to 24 November 2003.  (See Item 2.)


Ref 4.3.1 A meeting to discuss a long term lease of the Community Centre has been arranged for Monday 2 Feb at 6.00pm in the Community Centre.


Ref 5.1 It was asked if more could not be done to support the residents suffering from noise from the railway.  It was pointed out that the Port and Train Companies had made many ameliorating changes as a result of PC representations.  Agreed:  a letter to be written to the Port Company to urge that it honours the promise of a meeting with residents.



3.         Crime & Disorder


Community Support Officers Linda Richards and Debbie Charman said that there had been 31 reported crimes within the Parish in the 3 months 12.10.03 – 12.01.04 – down 4 on the same period last year.  (6 violent crimes, including domestic violence, 1 sex offence, 2 dwelling burglaries, 6 non-dwelling burglaries, 7 thefts from motor vehicles, 4 cases of criminal damage and 5 of anti-social behaviour.  There is no information about clear-up rates.


The officers were congratulated on their effectiveness in dealing with anti-social behaviour in the village.  By talking to offenders, visiting their homes etc the problem has been greatly diminished.



3.         Crime & Disorder (cont’d)


PC J Bartlett is to start as the new Community Officer at the end of January.


The police are seeking a meeting with NSC to discuss ways of deterring young people from getting on the flat roofs of the precinct buildings.

4.         Committee Reports

4.1       Playing Fields


Ref item 2:  A mole expert has been contacted and will give an estimate.


Ref item 3:  The pitches at Ham Green have been due since 1999.  The possibility of a case against NSC for maladministration was discussed.  Agreed:  that a letter should be written to invite the Chief Executive of NSC to a meeting with the PC to discuss NSC’s prolonged inaction and the advice of ACLA be sought about the process of making a formal complaint against the local authority. Action PSS


4.2       Open Spaces & Amenities


Contribution re Water Lane to Westward Drive footpath

The Footpath Maintenance Officer is to move ahead with planning this improvement. The value of the agreed contribution to costs from the PC has been acknowledged.


4.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee


Ref item 2: it was confirmed that this item is in hand.


Ref item 3:  Cllr Whiting explained that 5 years have elapsed since the agreement with the Allotment Association and we are now out of time to insist on an increased rent for the next 5 years.  Agreed:  the Association should be invited to the February Committee Meeting to discuss the matter.  Action PSS


Ref item 5:  see 2.1. above.


4.4       Planning Committee


Ref item 5:  a response has been agreed and sent on behalf of the PC and Portbury PC.


Cllr Robinson reported that we have now received a copy of the trees in the Parish which have Tree Preservation Orders.  Agreed:  that a letter should be written to Brian Heaton (a recognised Conservation Officer) to invite him to the next Committee Meeting to discuss the use of the information.  Action PSS



5.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies


Cllr Duck reported meeting with Frank Cox (Highways Officer) on the question of pavements in the village, including the High Pavement.  A study will be made and the results reported to the PC.



6.         Correspondence

            A summary of correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting


Ref the list of streetlights:  agreed that most councillors do not require a copy but Cllrs Pritchard and Whiting requested copies.


Ref Morgan’s Charity:  agreed that Roger Collins would undertake the role.  Agreed: the clerk to write to invite him formally to become a trustee of the charity.  Action PSS.


Ref the Hardwick Road Playing Field lease:  Cllr Whiting agreed to follow the matter up.


Ref the Avon River Trail request for stories about the river:  agreed to place an item in the Pill Paper report.



7.         Budget & Precept for year to 31 march 2005


Cllr Whiting reported that the Playing Fields budget had been amended, whilst keeping the total figure for the committee the same.


The anticipated income for the next financial year excluding the precept is £42,795.  Last year’s precept was £70 000.  After discussion it was agreed that a further figure of £5 000 should be included in the budget for expenditure on roadways and pavements.  It was therefore proposed that the precept be increased by 5.7% to £74 000, making a total income of 116 795.  Proposed:  Cllr Whiting;  Seconded:  Cllr Pritchard.  Carried; nem con.



8.         Parish Plan


Cllr Whiting reported that the meetings to date have been very encouraging and it is the view of the councillors who have been involved that we should agree to the matter proceeding.  In due course, the PC will need to submit a grant application, and a small fund will be needed to provide for preliminary activity.  This was agreed and Cllrs Whiting and Robinson were nominated as the PC representatives on the Steering Committee.  The next meeting of the Steering Committee is on Wed 28.01.04 at 6.30 pm at St Katherine’s School.



9.         Date of Annual Parish Meeting


The meeting was fixed at 8.00 pm on Monday 26 April.  The monthly meeting of the PC will be held at 6.30 on the same evening, with no item of public participation.



10.       Date of Annual Meeting


Monday 24 May at 7.00 pm



11.       Accounts for Payment

            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:






Dog bin emptying – November


Serviceteam Ltd

Mowing – October


Unique Pub Properties

Rent re bus shelter site


DW Searle & Son

Erection of bin at play area


            The above were signed at the Committee meetings on 12 January 2004.

SWEB Energy

Street lighting a/c   7–9/03


SWEB Energy

Street lighting a/c   10-12/03



Pavilion a/c


Pill Community Centre

Hire of facilities – Oct – Dec 03


J Hunt



PC Strother Smith



North Somerset Council

Supply of 2 grit bins


North Somerset Council

Election Charges May 03.


Post Office Ltd

Tax & NI



Dog bin emptying – December




12.       Any Other Urgent Business


Two items were agreed for the next agenda:

a) the venue for PC meetings.  It is suggested that the upstairs room offers a better venue than the one downstairs.  (It has been checked that this idea would present no problems to the Community Centre)

b) Standing Orders and the declaration of interests.


It was agreed that the April committee meetings will be held on Monday 5 April, as Monday 12 April is Easter Monday.


The Civic Service is now fixed for Sunday 14 March at 11.00 am in Pill Church.



13.       Pill Paper

            The following items will be submitted:

·        The request for stories concerning the river

·        The precept

·        The new community beat officer

·        The upgrading of the Water Lane footpath

·        The Civic Service.



14.       Expenditure by Committees to date


Expenditure to date




Playing Fields



Open Spaces & Amenities



Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)



Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)









Community Centre Redevelopment



Contingency Fund













Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting on Monday 26 January 2004



Cllrs Duck, Robinson, Whiting and Langton (acting as clerk)


Cllr Hunt, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).




The following applications have been approved:


Railway Inn, Pill

Extension – rear single-storey.


The Tynings,

Martcombe Rd, EIG

Erection of polytunnel.


Chapel Pill Lane, Pill

Construction of new pumping station.


10 Lodway, Pill

Side extension.


34 Stoneyfields, EIG

Single-storey front extension.




The following application has been withdrawn:


Sunnyside, Martcombe Rd, EIG

Conversion of agricultural building to dwelling.




New Applications – there was no objection to the following:


5 Lime Tree Grove, Pill

Single-storey side & rear extension.


18 Church Road EIG

Rear Conservatory.


6 The Lovells EIG

Post-approval amendment




New Application:


Lafarge Plasterboard, EIG

Removal of planning condition which prevents storage or deposition of materials in the open

Although there was no necessary objection to this, Councillors were concerned that no reason for this relaxation was given, and hence that the nature of the materials to be stored was unclear.



Minutes of the Council meeting on Monday 27 September 2004

Present: Cllrs G. Hunt (Chairman), B. Langton, K. Brooks, G. Duck, G. Jones,

V. Pritchard, S. Ridley, B. Stowers, R. Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllr V. Robinson.



1.         Public Participation

  Mr Roger Collins said that he was pleased to see that the Water Lane footpath had now been reopened.



2.         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 16 August 2004

  The minutes were confirmed and signed.



3.         Crime & Disorder
3.1 PC Sue Davey was in attendance.  Crime figures were reportedly low and the meeting was reminded that these are available on the police website.
3.2 Cllr Whiting again mentioned the chaotic state of the traffic outside the primary school. At the start and end of the day there are coaches and cars parked haphazardly, lorries passing and children in danger.  PC Davey would ask her Sergeant to follow this up.
3.3 Cllr Brooks reported that there had been a spate of bins being turned over and rubbish strewn around in the village centre.  He would monitor and report as necessary.



4.         Clerk’s Report

4.1. Street Lighting:  The loop of 5 lights in the Stoneyfields/Breaches area were still permanently on.  The Clerk had been chasing SEC Ltd on this and on general progress with connecting the new lights.
4.2 Bull Lane:  Following complaints from residents about rats being seen, overgrown vegetation had been cut back and the drains checked.
4.3 Victoria Park:  The bollards had been replaced along the back of the precinct.
4.4 Marsh Lane:  Proposed and seconded by Cllrs Pritchard and Stowers, it was agreed to ask North Somerset Council (NSC) to undertake a feasibility study into extending the speed limit in Marsh Lane through to Church Road/Priory Road.   Action PSS



5.         Maintenance & Highway Issues

The following issues were reported:  
5.1 Lafarge:  Cllr Hunt read out a circular which had been sent by Lafarge to all drivers and was aimed at tackling the problem of lorries parking in Marsh Lane and adjoining areas. Cllr Duck said that NSC would probably be installing double yellow lines there, with the cost being born by Lafarge.
5.2 Sambourne Lane:  Cllr Jones reported that a resident had had an accident apparently caused by the poor state of the pavement.   Action PSS
5.3 Mount Pleasant:  Cllr Stowers asked that the road sign be replaced and suggested that it should be sited between his house (No. 10) and the church.   Action PSS



6.         News from North Somerset Council
  North Somerset Council Civic Service:  Cllr Hunt reported that this had taken place the previous day at St George’s Church and he thanked Cllr Duck for organising this to be in the parish.



7.         Recommendations and Decisions from Committees

7.1       Playing Fields
  Nothing to report.


7.2       Open Spaces & Amenities
7.2.1 Dog & Litter bins:  Two new dog bins had been ordered and NSC had been asked if they would install a litter bin by Water Lane footpath as part of the new development.


7.3       Finance & General Purposes Committee
7.3.1 Parish Plan:  The Countryside Agency had confirmed that a grant of £4389 would be given.  However, this was conditional upon another £2690 being found and Cllr Whiting expressed hope that the Parish Council would make a contribution.  It was resolved that the Clerk should write to accept the grant.   Action PSS


7.4       Planning Committee
7.4.1 Draft Local Plan:  Clarifying the minutes of the Planning Committee on 13 September, Cllr Hunt said that there had originally been 90 objections to the draft plan.  Most of these had already been resolved with NSC, but 21 remained outstanding.



8.         Reports of Meetings with Other Bodies

8.1 Port Liaison Company Liaison: The following items should be submitted to be on the agenda of 12 October meeting:

Coal wagons

Height of coal in the stock yard

Weed management at Long Shore

Overgrown vegetation from the cutting on to Monmouth Road



9.         Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere
9.1 Hardwick Road lease:  Cllr Whiting reported that there was just one point outstanding. The Clerk would write to clarify this and, once agreed, a resolution would be sought for the lease to be signed.   Action PSS  



10.       A369 speed limit review
  Cllrs Hunt reported that NSC would not be extending the 50mph limit to the M5 roundabout. He and Cllr Robinson had attended two NSC meetings with neighbouring parish councils and the police and had been persuaded by police arguments against such an extension.  Councillors were unhappy with this decision;  the road was considered dangerous when combining high speeds with junctions, a pub and a nursery along this stretch.  It was resolved to invite the police officer concerned to attend a council meeting to air the issues again.   Action PSS  



11.       Hardwick Road play area
  The police were still investigating the paint daubing incident of 4/5 September.  An article had appeared in The Mercury.

Wickstead Leisure were sending a quote for replacing the swing seats and the missing monkey pole and Dave Searle had been asked to repaint the metal seat.  The Clerk had written to Lodway Service Station, whose unsecured paint was thought to have been used, suggesting that they should bear the costs of repair.

Cllr Duck was concerned about youngsters congregating in the area late at night, intimidating older people and he suggested that it could be better lit.  PC Davey suggested the installation of benches away from the play area might help.  Cllr Ridley mentioned a dedicated area for teenagers.  An article would be submitted to the Pill Paper and further discussion would take place at the next committee meeting.   Action PSS & Agenda 11/10




12.       Site meeting with North Somerset Council Highways
  Proposals with costings were still awaited from Mark Sellick of NSC.  Once these were received, it was suggested that an article appear in the Pill Paper discussing options for Heywood Road and inviting comment from the public.

Regarding the Lodway crossing, Cllr Pritchard said the warning sign on the Easton-in-Gordano side was hidden by trees and that the new pavement needed highlighting.

Cllr Ridley said there was now a problem with cars parking alongside the old brewery and suggested that this should be a future agenda item.   Action PSS




13.       Watch House Hill
  It was confirmed that NSC had agreed to a meeting with the Parish Council and local interested people to discuss the future (ecological) management of the area.  It was agreed that a pre-meeting should be held involving Brian Heaton, Bob Buck, a representative of Avon Wildlife Trust and Steve Taylor/Mark Rice would also be contacted.  Cllrs Stowers, Langton and Hunt expressed interest in participating.  A date for this would be fixed at the next committee meeting.   Agenda 11/10

Cllr Duck said that he would be meeting Tony Moore of NSC on 30 September for an update on the 106 agreement.

Cllr Ridley said that camp building had again been taking place and a lot of items needed removing before the trees were damaged.




14.       Community Centre
14.1 Asbestos survey:  The Clerk had obtained agreement from Chris Jennings, Senior Property Surveyor of NSC for the Centre to be added to their portfolio of buildings for the purposes of an asbestos survey.   Action PSS  
14.2 Disability Discrimination Act:  A response was awaited from the Management Committee before proceeding with discussion on this issue.  



15.       Skateboard Surface
  Cllr Ridley reported that there have been two sessions using a temporary surface arranged with the police at the Ham Green car park.  A donation from the Parish Council could help towards these sessions occurring on, say, a bi-monthly basis.   Agenda 11/10  



16.       Accounts for Payment
            The following accounts were presented for payment and cheques drawn:
  Payee Details                £
  Konica Minolta Photocopier rental           101.38
  SITA UK Ltd Dog bin emptying – July             93.77
  Serviceteam Ltd Grass cutting           137.48

J Hunt Salary           468.57

P Strother Smith



  Post Office Ltd Tax & NI              399.68


Dog bin emptying – August


St George Easton-in-G. JFC

New corner flags



Line marking paint




17.       Items for Future Agendas

  Port Company Liaison – report on 12/10 meeting (25.10.04)
  Hardwick Road play area (11.10.04)
  Watch House Hill – arrange pre-meeting (11.10.04)
  Skateboard surface – to discuss donation (11.10.04)
  Date of December meetings (25.10.04)



18.       Expenditure by Committees to date

    Expenditure to date Budgeted
                    £        £

Finance & General Purposes (General Admin)



  Finance & General Purposes (St Lighting)              4,436   26,645
  Planning                 NIL     8,000

Playing Fields



  Open Spaces & Amenities              4,079   19,000
  Public Footpaths & Rights of Way                 NIL        650
  Community Centre Redevelopment                 NIL   10,000
  Contingency Fund                 NIL     1,000












Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 27 September 2004



Planning Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton (in the Chair), Brooks, Duck, Whiting & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllr Robinson.



1. The following applications have been approved:
  04/P/1783/F 12 New Road, Pill Erection of first floor bedroom extension.
  04/P/1451/F Markham House,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Erection of two storey detached building for use as garage & storage.



2. New Applications – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/2311/F 14 Eirene Terrace, Pill Garage & loft conversion to include a dormer to the front & an extension to the rear dormer.
  04/P/2364/F 34 Church Road, EIG Erection of replacement detached garage.
  04/P/2373/F Rudgleigh Inn,

Martcombe Road, EIG

Conversion of roof space to include erection of a first floor rear roof gable to form a staff rest room.

Minutes of the Committee meetings on Monday 13 September 2004

Playing Fields Management Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Duck & Ridley, Mr J Norval (Junior Football Club)

& Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).


Cllr Stowers


1. Tree Surgeon’s report:  The Clerk was asked to obtain an alternative quote from another qualified tree surgeon.   Action PSS
2. Invoices had been received for new corner flags and for line paint and these would be settled.  Action PSS
3. Watch House Field:  Cllr Hunt had spoken to Tony Moore, the responsible officer at North Somerset Council (NSC), who had since spoken to Steve Sayer of the football club and e-mailed a report to the Clerk.  It had been suggested that a practice match should be played on the new pitch to test it out.  Cllr Duck pointed out that Tony Moore was responsible for the ongoing failure to bring the area up to the required standard.  The Clerk would write to Tony Moore saying that, if the practice match did go ahead, it should only be regarded as a guide and responsibility for seeing that Redrow fulfilled its obligations still rested with NSC.   Action PSS

Brian Heaton had said that he would be pleased to be involved in future discussions on the ecology of the area.  Avon Wildlife Trust might also be contacted for help.



Open Spaces & Amenities Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Jones, Ridley & Robinson & Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllrs Clegg, Pritchard & Stowers.


1. Hardwick Road Play Area:  It was reported that vandalism had resulted in much of the play equipment and surrounds being daubed with paint over the weekend of 4/5 September.  Cllr Duck had organised police attendance at the scene and for SITA to undertake some cleaning.  This had been quite successful but more was needed. Wickstead would be asked to quote for new swing seats and Dave Searle would be asked to repaint the metal bench.  Cllr Ridley had some graffiti remover which would also be tried.   Action PSS


2. Dog & Litter Bins:  It was recommended that new dog bins should be installed at Church Road by the gate to the churchyard and at the Westward Drive end of the Water Lane footpath.  NSC would be asked to install a litter bin at the other end of this path as part of the new development.   Action PSS


3. Cherry Trees:  NSC would be removing the dead tree at the bottom of New Road.  It was suggested that this small area next to the Resource Centre’s future base might be taken over by the Parish Council.
Agenda 11/10




Finance & General Purposes Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Jones, Robinson & Whiting, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr Pritchard.


1. Pill Rag Committee:  More details were required before considering a request for a donation.   Action PSS


2. Community Centre:  A quote for an asbestos survey had been received from G&L Consultancy via Cllr Brooks.  The Clerk would ask Cllr Brooks to clarify how he considers matters should be progressed.  Cllr Duck would seek further information from NSC.

A letter had been received from the Youth Club asking the Parish Council’s intentions with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act, which becomes effective from 1 October.  It was agreed that urgent clarification was need from the management committee so that it could be decided how to proceed on this.  The Clerk would respond to Paul Punter of the Youth Club and write again to Alan Smith.   Action PSS

3. Bus Shelters:  A letter had been received from NSC Highways following a site meeting with Cllr Duck.  This referred to shelters at Priory Road (approx opposite Court Hay), Priory Road (on verge at Junction with Gordano Gardens) and Lodway (at junction with Newsome Asvenue).  Cllr Jones agreed to consult brochures and would produce suggestions with prices at the next committee meeting.   Action GJ & agenda 11/10
4. Site Meetings:  Cllrs Hunt, Ridley, Robinson and Whiting and the Clerk had attended a meeting with Mark Sellick of NSC Highways on 9 September to discuss:

Macrae Road:  The possibility of a further pinch point or a raised section at the far end were considered.

Heywood Road:  Various options to improve pedestrian safety were discussed, including a crossing, enlarging the piers, installing a raised &/or coloured section in the road, erecting warning signs.  It was feared that a formal crossing might eliminate all parking along that bit of the road; NSC would check what is the minimum required length for zigzags.

Re new crossing on Lodway:  Because of the realignment of the road and for safety reasons, it was considered that measures should be taken to prevent parking between Costcutters and the garage and in front of the garage.

Mr Sellick would be reporting back via the Clerk with details and costings for consideration.

5. Parish Plan:  Cllr Whiting reported that the Countryside Agency had been in contact indicating that a grant of £4389 would be awarded.  A formal offer would soon be forwarded via the Clerk.



Planning Committee


Present: Cllrs Hunt, Langton, Duck, Robinson & Whiting, Mr P. Strother Smith (Clerk).
Apologies: Cllr Clegg.


1. Draft Local Plan  
  Cllr Robinson reported that, with Colin Jones and Portbury Parish Council, they had produced a list of 21 objections to the draft plan.  Cllr Hunt had been sent full details on behalf of both Councils.




2. The following applications have been approved:
  04/P/1649/F 4 The Lovells, EIG Erection of a single storey front & side extension.
  04/P/1650/F 7 Avon Road, Pill Two storey/part single storey rear extension & single storey front extension.
  04/P/1313/F The Rudgleigh Inn, EIG Erection of extensions to provide new toilets, fridge/freezer rooms & front portch.
  04/P/1862/F 91 Westward Drive, Pill Erection of a single storey side extension.


3. The following applications have been refused:
  04/P/1603/F The Groves,

Cross Lanes, EIG

Erection of a two storey side & rear extension and of a first floor side extension & detached double garage.
  04/P/1848/F 14 Priory Gardens, EIG Change of use from agricultural to domestic garden (Retrospective).
  04/P/1781/F Amcar Ambulance Service,

Gordano Service Area

Erection of 2 portakabins for treatment room, etc.


4. New Applications – there was no objection to the following:
  04/P/2074/F 8 Rectory Road, EIG Erection of second floor extension to include raising of the roof & alteration of ridge line.
  04/P/2267/F Heywood Surgery, Pill Creation of new access onto Hardwick Road & provision of car parking, erection of new boundary fence & gates.
  04/P/2293/F Hillside, Crusty Lane, Pill Erection of detached garage & conversion of existing attached garage to living accommodation.


5. New Application:  
  04/P/2069/F 1 Rudgleigh Road, Pill Erection of two bedroom dwelling house.  
  It was considered that this application represented overdevelopment of the site.

Cllr Langton had declared an interest as a near neighbour.


6. New Application – for information only:
  04/P/2115/PDA 2 Haberfield Cottages,

Happerton Lane, EIG

Erection of machinery & hay store.


7. Bristol & Cardiff Airports – Airspace review  
  There was no objection to joint proposals received from the two airports.


8. A369 Speed Limit review  
  Cllrs Hunt and Robinson had attended a further meeting, when it was decided by NSC not to extend the 50pmh limit down to the M5 junction 19 roundabout.