About … Robert Buck – St. George’s Flower Bank, Pill, North Somerset

By   February 3, 2014

FlowerBank0001Rob identified the importance of the roadside verges for wildlife, local people and passing motorists. The verge along the A369 near the M5 and Easton in Gordano has already been enhanced with some planting and clearing. This project enabled more planting, habitat management and the monitoring and recording of species.

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Rob developed his skills in habitat management.
Significant improvement was made in the diversity and quality of wildflowers, including bee orchids.
Some members of the local community got involved in helping with the work.
A display in the Pill Community Centre, and with people passing the site, generated a huge number of positive comments on the improvements made.
The equipment used for the habitat management purchased with the award has been made available to the community for other uses, in addition to the continued management of the site.
“This award has really helped us to develop our flower bank, not just to preserve endangered plants but to give great enjoyment to locals and passing traffic alike.” Rob Buck